Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor: Lodging and Tourist Attractions with Viral Photo Spots on Social Media

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Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor

Read More – It seems that the current inn is average, bro, mixing natural beauty with an enjoyable stay.

Moreover, not a few of the inns have double functions as tourist attractions as well, for example the Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor inn, friends. Yup resorts offer various advantages ranging from swimming pools, beautiful inns, glamping or villas to the beauty of the yard around the tourist zone.

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor

This inn and Chevilly Resort tourist attraction has become famous since its photos have gone viral on various social media. Yup, an interesting vacation spot has emerged with the concept of glamping and the villa is located in a hilly area.

If you have a dialogue with the beauty of nature here, there is no doubt that you are slang, you can be sure that it is truly enchanting. Vacations here are sure to be fun and exciting, especially when tourists are free to use the beautiful and refreshing swimming pool facilities.

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor


This Bogor inn is different from other lodgings. Tourists are given the freedom to choose where to stay in elegant hotels, glamping or villas. So that tourists can get used to the budget and their travel needs.

Not only acting as a place to stay for soba slang, Chevilly Resort & Camp Bogor is also often used as a place for outbound activities or gatherings. Located on a large area, and the feel of blending with the natural atmosphere so that it is really suitable for implementing tourism activities.

Lodging Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor

When judged in total, this unique hotel in Bogor is quite good, my friends, so it is appropriate if it is used as a vacation spot with family and friends. Because it is famous, not a few tourists come here and not only from the city of Bogor, but from various regions to feel the holiday atmosphere here.

So, what are you waiting for, my friends, for those of you who want to travel to Bogor and want to stay in a rainy city, then you should just come to Chevilly Resort Bogor.

In fact, there are many similar Bogor tourist hotels, but the majority of them are interested in recreational destinations that have various advantages and uniqueness that are not found in other tourist attractions. So, the Chevilly Bogor inn can be used as a reference, friends, and is now one of the favorite modern destinations for the people of Bogor.

Spot Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor
Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor

This inn and Bogor sightseeing spot is perfect as a place to have fun and can get rid of fatigue and boredom. There, tourists can relax, hunt for cute pictures to enjoy the extraordinary sensation of staying at glamping, friends.

For slang friends who are busy with work, so it feels meaningful to divert attention to the world of entertainment, yup, like traveling, slang buddy. Where sightseeing activities are very effective for maintaining readiness at work or school, because they can eliminate the feeling of excessive stress.

Lodging and Tourism Facilities

As we have explained above, this inn and Bogor tour, already has fairly complete facilities, facilities and amenities, among others.

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor

Edo Kristanto

Chevilly Resort And Camp
::Vehicle Parking
::Green Field
::Various Photo Spots
::Lodging 3 options (hotel, glamping and villa)

::Swimming pool
::Swimming pool

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor Address

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor

So, for those of you who are interested, if you want to have a vacation and spend the night here, first of all, know that the tourist position is located on the Jalan Pensiunan 3 Banjasari RT 001/ RW 004, Kec. Ciawi, Bogor City, West Java.

You have also stayed at Nirvana Valley Bogor, along with lodging and tourist attractions, but there the building design is unique and different. Well, if from Nirvana to the Chevilly inn position it takes 2 and almost 3 hours, considering the direction towards the tourist position, the traffic is quite busy and congested.

On the other hand, the distance from the city of Bogor is quite close, how come it’s only 17 km or so it takes 30 minutes, my friend, slang.

Ticket Prices and Stay Fee

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor

myself 123-Unc setyo

So that tourists can explore tourist positions, they must first pay an entrance ticket levy around IDR 25,000 per person soba slang.

After that, tourists can enjoy all the natural beauty and also freely take selfies with the background of natural beauty in spots, for example, such as restaurants, courtyard zones, until the shape of the inn building looks unique.

Chevilly Resort Camp Bogor Lodging

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor
Djf 269

Now for slang friends who want to stay here, there are 3 types of lodging, yes and the price is exploring the type of lodging and its type.

::Camp Rp. 1. 150,000/night
::Camp Twin Rp. 630,000/night

::Deluxe Room IDR 1.370.000 / night
::Executive Deluxe IDR 1.660.00 / night
::Family Two Bed IDR 2.397,000 / night

::Rose IDR 1.370.000 / night
::Lotus IDR. 1. 370.000/night
::Orchid IDR 1.370.000 / night
::Jasmine IDR 1.660.000/night
::Barn IDR 1.510,000 / night

Chevilly Resort Bogor Menu Notes

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor
Yulianti Zahra

You can choose various food and drink menus here, considering that the menu options are indeed many, friends, ranging from local to international menus. Not only that, the cost is also quite affordable, how come for an elegant inn, the range starts from Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 50,000.

::Chiken Burger IDR 37,000
::Gado-Gado IDR 23,000
::Banan Pan Cake IDR 23,000
::Ketoprak IDR. 23,000
::Banana Bread IDR 28.000
::Chicken Soto IDR 26,000
::Beef Oxtail Soup IDR 70.000
::Penget Fried Chicken IDR 23,000
::Aglio Olio IDR 39.000
::Taliwang Spicy Fried Chicken IDR 33,000
::Spaghetti Bolognese IDR 45,000
::Fried Rice IDR 33,000
::Spaghetti Carbonara IDR 45,000
::Dark Pepper Sauteed Meat IDR 50,000
::Chiken Karage IDR 28.000
::Egg Fried Noodle IDR 34,000
::Calamary Fritos IDR 30,000

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor

Nunung Warren

::Milkshakes IDR 20,000
::Ice Coffee IDR 15.000
::Juice IDR 20,000
::Ice Tea IDR15. 000
::Soft Drink IDR 18.000

Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor
Hady Noer

Yup, the prices above are subject to change at any time, friend, according to the policy of the inn and tour manager. So first, our brief review regarding the Location and Price of the Chevilly Resort And Camp Bogor Lodging, hopefully it can serve as a reference when traveling while staying in Bogor, friends.


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