Nimo Highland Bandung : Walk on the Translucent Glass Bridge

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Nimo Highland Bandung

Read More – Pangalengan which is located in Kab. Bandung is a tourist area that offers many unique and interesting tourist spots. Not only one or 2 tourist destinations are found in Pangalengan. Because in Pangalengan there are many tourist destinations that always provide an interesting atmosphere when traveling.

Nimo Highland Bandung

Photo by MgRam Dan

There is another hit tourist destination in Pangalengan which quite grabs the attention of nature lovers, slang friends. This new tourist destination in Pangalengan is called “ Nimo Highland ” which is located on Mount Nini in the Malabar tea plantation area.

Come on, let’s follow a little discussion about the hit tourist destinations in Pangalengan, friends. Which is estimated to be a tourist attraction in Kab. This Pangelangan, wants to be the prima donna on this tour, slang buddy.

Nimo Highland Attraction

Nimo Highland is a hit tourist destination with the hottest santorini concept in Bandung. This tourist destination in Pangalengan is also the longest glass bridge tour in Bandung. This bridge can accommodate up to  400 people above.

It is called Nimo Highland because this tourist spot is located on Mount Nini, my friends. So Nimo itself stands for Nini Mountains.

Nimo Highland Bandung

Photo by erc indonesia

The extraordinary natural panorama with views of the green expanse of tea gardens is very refreshing to the eyes. Tourists can see the appearance of the white fog that covers the tea garden from the glass bridge.

Not only a wide expanse of tea gardens, from this tour tourists can also see the beauty of Cileunca Lake which is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Things like this will increase the excitement in enjoying the beauty of this Bandung tour.

Cafe Santorini Nimo Highland

Nimo Highland Bandung
Photo by Ahmad Rojik

The Nimo Highland tourist attraction provides cafe santorini which actually increases the photo spot zone. The uniqueness of Santorini Nimo Highland is as cool as Santorini, wow, Sarah Hill is a slang drug.

With a cafe in the tourist position zone, tourists don’t need to bother bringing lunch from home.

It’s not just a cafe with a santorini concept, slang, Nimo Highland provides tents titled Indian. This tent has a capacity for 3 to 5 people.

Tourists can relax in this tent, just relax or roast corn and marshmallows like in the spacious cafe located in the green forest of Lembang.

Nimo Highland Rides

Nimo Highland Bandung
Photo by zeffy son lianton

There will be many rides in this tourist destination that can be felt by tourists. Such as ATVs, paramotors, paragliding, earrings, horse riding and so on. In fact, this vehicle is specially provided for pampering tourists.

Nimo Highland Admission Ticket

Nimo Highland Bandung
Photo by Teguh Migwanto

Coming to the hottest tourist destination in Bandung, in fact, it will not spend a pocket in your pocket. Because the entrance ticket to Nimo Highland is quite affordable for millennials.

Rp. 35,000,- for adults
Rp. 25,000,- for children

The Nimo Highland HTM above is reportedly only valid for the month of May. For the renewal of the entrance ticket, I will inform you when there is a change from the manager, slang.

Nimo Highland Opening Hours

Nimo Highland Bandung
Photo by Teguh Migwanto

As for Nimo Highland, the soft opening was on 02 May 2022 yesterday, as well as the grand opening in August 2022, my friends. And it is determined that all the rides can be felt by all tourists. The access route to the tourist location in Bandung is also determined to be much better than before.

This tourist destination, entitled santori with an extraordinary natural panorama, has activities every day.
Weekends from 08.00 to 17.00 wib

In the future, tourists can make reservations with the manager to enjoy the sunrise and sunset with a 360-degree natural panorama.

Nimo Highland Address

Tourist location: Nimo Highland is located in Banjarsari, Kec. Pangalengan, Kab. Bandung
Contact: 0812- 2499- 9186

Nimo Highland Bandung

Photo by Gedonk thea

So first of all, my friends, short review about ” Nimo Highland Bandung: Walking on the Translucent Glass Bridge ” Do you dare to cross this glass bridge?


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