Sidamanik Simalungun Tea Plantation: The Charm of Nature That Is Still Natural So It Shares Cool Impressions and Nuances

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Sidamanik Tea Garden

Read More – One of Indonesia’s uniqueness is that it has a beautiful, exotic landscape that not only gets its natural charm. Also, getting commodity results that are still recognized by the outside world, friends, slang. And will continue to be recognized as a delicious taste and steady and distinctive.

Similar case, Sidamanik Tea Garden. Where, this place is known as the 2nd largest tea plantation in Indonesia. It is said that slang friends, the taste of the tea here is truly extraordinary. Can make your day more calm, relaxed and energetic you know.

Getting to know Sidakmanik Tea Garden

Sidamanik Tea Garden

The tea garden itself covers an area of ​​8,373 ha. With natural conditions that are still natural so that it gives the impression and feel of a cool, refreshing. Here, we will be presented with 3 tea plantation areas. The beginning is Bah Butong, Tobasari, and Sidamanik itself.

Previously, this place had 6 tea gardens at once. However, due to economic equity, the conclusion is that the names were officially announced according to their respective administrative regions. Located above an altitude of about 890 meters above sea level makes this place very suitable to be used for refreshing.

Sidamanik Tea Garden

Jaka Andika

Relieve fatigue from all the workloads that are sometimes boring, slang. Try sucking in fresh air here, the aroma produced is very different from what is produced in urban areas.

Sidamanik Tea Garden
Wilson Simorangkir

Sidamanik Tea Plantation is listed as one of the best tea plantations in Indonesia. The harvest will be exported to Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, and all over the archipelago.

If you are also a tea lover, try to enjoy the taste and aroma. Of course you want to be addicted to it. For the history that has been written here, it was before it was managed by PTPN IV. This vast plantation was managed by the Dutch East Indies government. Some of the results are exported to their country.

Address and Route of Sidamanik Tea Plantation Location

Sidamanik Tea Garden
Password Syahputra

Sidamanik Tea Plantation is located in Kec. Sidamani Kab. Simalungun, North Sumatra. The distance that must be covered when using the train and getting off at Siantar Station is 23 kilometers. Or it takes approximately 37 minutes. Unfortunately, to get to this tourist attraction, you are required to use a private vehicle.

Sidamanik Tea Garden

Adlin Collin

Universal transportation is not so friendly here, my friend, slang. Alright, the initial route that you must miss is Siantar Station after that, exit towards Jalan. Sudirman, turn left after 550 meters onto Jalan. Captain Meter. H Sitorus after that entered the Church Path. Stay on this trail for 5.4 kilometers.

Turn a little to the right, you will enter the Pematang Purba-Parapat route. Always here for 16 kilometers not long after that, your destination will arrive at the location point. How easy is it not?

Another beautiful charm

Sidamanik Tea Garden
Sidamanik Simalungun Tea Garden

If, you want to see the activities in this garden then, come in the morning where some farmers will pick the tops of the leaves. After that, it is weighed and the results will be taken to the factory for further processing so that the tea is ready for use.

What’s interesting about this activity is that we can help them, you know. While feeling how hard it is to be a tea picker, you slang. Try to lighten the mood by talking or a little with jokes. Of course they will reply and the atmosphere will be fluid and fun for friends to hang out with.

Thus a brief review of ‘Sidamanik Simalungun Tea Plantation: Natural Enchantment that is Still Natural So that it Shares Cool Impressions and Feels’. Are you interested in visiting it?


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