Parapat Free Beach: The Best Spot Enjoying the Beautiful Panorama of Lake Toba as a whole

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Parapat Free Beach

This means that it is a process of returning a person’s body and mentality which aims to control oneself, accept imperfections, and form positive thoughts from events that have occurred.

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Lake Toba tourism is always improving for the better. No wonder when foreign or local tourists come to Lake Toba, there are many new changes to promote tourism around Lake Toba.

When entering the early gates of the Lake Toba tourist attraction (Parapat City) Tourists have been greeted with the beauty of Lake Toba, which is so wide and hills that it is a relief to the eyes of slang friends.

With a very beautiful panorama of Lake Toba from above, you look at your slang friends, making your eating and drinking an unforgettable and memorable moment.

As tourists choose to relax on the lips of Lake Toba, there are also tourist visitors who visit the Sibaganding Monkey page.

Moreover, this monkey yard continues to grow as a means of comfort for tourists who arrive, especially in the life of the monkeys, both food and the health of the monkeys also continue to be observed.

This Sibaganding Monkey Tourism page is very unique, slang friends. If in other places monkeys or monkeys become pests and also wild when there are tourists, but in Sibagading this is even tame and can be called using a special trumpet made of buffalo horn.

When the monkeys are summoned, this is a moment that is eagerly awaited by tourists. Which is where when the trumpet is blown by a blower, call it bang manik, slang, all the monkeys will arrive, including Sang Amang, who will arrive to the place where the source of the trumpet sound came from.

Here tourists can see firsthand how crowded a group of monkeys and the amang who arrived. Tourists can give them food, which you have served or which has been provided on the monkey page.

Make sure you don’t forget to remember to capture your moment when feeding the monkeys or Sang Amang, friends, slang. No need to worry if you want to feed the monkey. Don’t worry, don’t be rash.

Plus, Brother Manik has experience in bringing tourists when he comes here. So there is no need to be afraid, which means you also have to be vigilant at all times.

Parapat Free Beach.

Pic by Dwi Kurnanto

Back to the topic of tourist destinations that the team will discuss with you. We intend to review the tour above, well because we want to give you your shadow view.

There are many tourist destinations that are highly recommended for you to visit when you come to the city of Parapat, Lake Toba, like the Sibaganding monkey page. Have any of you ever visited there, slang?

The Parapat Free Beach of Lake Toba is an Open Space for Universal with an area of ​​​​approximately 10,000 square meters, which is in Parapat City, precisely on Jalan. Sisingamangaraja, (big provincial highway), kel. Parapat, Kec. Girsang Sipangan Bolon, Kab. Simalungun, North Sumatra.

Parapat Free Beach is claimed to be one of the best places to be able to enjoy the panoramic views of Lake Toba in North Sumatra.

Parapat Free Beach

Image by Rasman karda Barus

Parapat Free Beach
Location: Lake Toba, Jalan Siantar, Tiga Raja, Kec. Girsang Sipangan Bolon, Kab. Simalungun
Contact: 0813-6279-9962
Opening hours: 24 Hours

The presence of the Parapat Free Beach RPT makes the city of Parapat continue to be beautiful and instagenic for tourists.

Not only that, this Parapat Free Beach RTP is a safe place for rest for every tourist who arrives from out of town for vacations or who departs from this city.

Free Beach when compared to before it was laid out. There are many changes there that tourists will meet.

Currently the area is much more charming, and has various facilities that residents can enjoy, ranging from jogging trails, amphitheater, deck stage, viewing tower, viewing deck, skateboard zone, play zone, food stalls, restrooms, and car parks.

Parapat Free Beach

Parapat Free Beach Photos

Tourists who come here are very satisfied to enjoy all the facilities that can be enjoyed by slang friends. Generally, local residents and tourists who come here, enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba up close, afternoon jogging, or just taking pictures, or creating content for their social media needs.

Hanging out with friends here is the right option here. Feel the crowd of tourists who arrive, or chat while enjoying the very charming atmosphere of the Lake Toba sunset. It is a relaxing moment that is suitable for that, slang buddy.

Not only natural scenery, Parapat Free Beach RTP also has an amphitheater or open space theater that can be used for cultural arts performances.” This area has a new open space that is an attraction for tourists.

Currently this area has an amphitheater for cultural arts performances while looking at the beauty of Lake Toba.

Best time to visit Parapat Free Beach

Parapat Free Beach
Image by Selly
Vacations can occur because they are determined, sometimes instantaneously. And generally it’s a momentary thing that often happens. That’s the reality.

An excursion to the Parapat Free Beach RTP of Lake Toba is indeed quite tiring on an adventure. Especially if you are arriving from out of town. Well it takes approximately 3-4 hours to get to this tourist spot.

So you have to be smart in taking the right time to visit, even though it’s only RTP, this tour is very promising for visiting holidays.

Parapat Free Beach
Anggriyani Saragih

The best moment to visit here, make sure you have a long holiday, slang. Well at least 2 days. After that make sure you also have a list of vacations that you want to visit.

Remember Lake Toba has many recommended tours for slang friends. You can visit this Free Beach Tour when you want to return to your home region or when you just arrived in Parapat city. Well this tour can be once to relax for a moment.

In the morning this tour is very suitable for you to visit, because the atmosphere is very quiet and far from the crowds of people. So in the morning you are satisfied to carry out all interesting activities, such as trying the facilities available in this place or taking pictures.

Parapat Free Beach

Parapat Free Beach Photos

In the afternoon is also the best time to visit this Free Beach. Here all tourist activities are very interesting to watch, such as skateboarding or seeing the excitement that is nearby. Plus the atmosphere in the afternoon is so beautiful to see the sunset on Lake Toba.

At night is the most  suitable for visiting here slang buddy. Why?. Because the atmosphere at night at this free beach is much more impressive.

It feels like a vacation in Maliboro Jogja, my friends. Many tourists relax while enjoying the charm of the beautiful night of Lake Toba.

Culinary Parapat Free Beach

Parapat Free Beach
Photo by Frengky Manurung

As a tourist spot or RTP (Public Open Space) this free beach also provides a food court whose food is halal for every visitor to eat. If it’s a question of price, it’s not that expensive, my friend is slang. The point is that this vacation is perfect for your funds, which are just barely, friends, slang.

Thus a brief review of ‘Parapat Free Beach: The Best Spot to Enjoy the Overall Panorama of Lake Toba’ This Eid holiday is the right time to explore this cool place, my friends. happy holidays. . .


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