The Enchantment of Warung Pinus Damasus Parapat: An Instagramable Hangout Place Around Lake Toba

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Pinus Damasus Parapat

Read More – Various kinds of perched places in Parapat maybe you can visit slang friends. However, if you like a cafe with a green concept with a tropical forest concept style, the very special and perfect place to be targeted is Warung Damasus Pinus.

Yep, this enchanting hangout place is still popular on Lake Toba, my friends. The reason is, the design of the cafe is very unique, slang! Not only surrounded by green pine forests, furniture that is dominated by wood until the theme of back to nature hits the heart, it’s original to move on.

The location of the Damasus Pine Stall.

Pinus Damasus Parapat
Taken by: instagram/@emmagraciaa

For slang friends who want to enjoy the sensation of perched on Lake Toba. Warung Damasus can be an option for those of you who want to relax. This shop can be slang friends meet Jalan. Parapat, Dolok Tomuan, Dolok Panribuan, Kab, Simalungun, North Sumatra,

The Attraction of Damasus Pine Stalls.

Pinus Damasus Parapat
Taken by: instagram/@beatrixjanet

The strategic position and right on the edge of Lake Toba with a panoramic view of Lake Toba makes this place an option when resting and perched the food and drinks are delicious, friendly service and of course the price of the food is cheap but always delicious, highly recommended if you are on vacation around the Lake Toba slang buddy.

There are pine trees that make this place so cool and beautiful, making your relaxation continue to be delicious. Coupled with the strains of cool music non-stop at this tourist spot that makes you nostalgic, slang friends.

Spot Picture Warung Pinus Damasus.

Pinus Damasus Parapat
Taken by: instagram/@poswisatasumut

Vacations without being photographed of course feel a bit bland, that’s of course, slang buddy. I recommend this Damasus stall for those of you who like portraits. Not only the landscape or view of Lake Toba as the object of the photo, this Warung is also designed in a unique and exotic way, of course, slang, Instagram-able style, you know!.

Culinary Reviews.

Pinus Damasus Parapat
Taken by: instagram/@asyikmakanaja

At Warung Damasus Parapat, the mainstay menu is more Indonesian cuisine which nudges directly to the tongue. Call it such as taucho, tilapia, lobster fish, boiled indomie, kale vegetables and tea pull. In total, it is also suitable for a stopover with family or relatives.

Pinus Damasus Parapat
Taken by: [email protected]

Damasus Pine Stall
Location: Parapat-Dolok Tomuan, Dolok Panribuan, Simalungun-Sumut . route
Opening hours: 24 hours
Tel: 081260235568

Thus a brief review of ‘The Enchantment of Warung Pinus Damasus Parapat: An Instagramable Hangout Place Around Lake Toba’. Are you interested in visiting it?


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