Ergendang Deliserdang Cave Baths: It turns out that there is also an underground swimming pool!

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ergendang cave

Read More – Talking about the natural charm of North Sumatra is certainly familiar and there is no doubt, there are many reasons for someone to take a vacation by visiting North Sumatra, at least to satisfy the heart and mind that have been less refreshing.

Here it is, slang friends, one of the tours that are suitable for you to visit and this new tourist spot will provide a holiday experience that is difficult for slang friends to forget.

pic by : mhdseptyaji

Ergendang Cave Tourism Location.

This unique and beautiful natural cave is located precisely in Deliserdang district, STM sub-district downstream of Penungkiran 1 hamlet. The journey to this tourist location takes about 2 hours, from Medan city or about 35 kilometers, if you go from the Sibiru-biru baths it takes less time over 1/2 hour.

This tourist spot has been known to many tourists, perhaps because the sensations presented by this tour are very interesting where slang friends can swim in a cave. it’s really beautiful isn’t it…

pic by : adventure_sumut

Like caves in general, it must be a little tense and haunted, my friends, but unlike this Ergendang cave tour, my friends, this one tour is very exotic and unique because this cave is underground, and to go to the cave visitors must pass several children. ladder.

Before going into the cave, you will be presented with a light blue-patterned pool called the angel pool whose water comes from sulfur springs. After descending some stairs until he arrived at the penen cave or also known as the Ergendang cave.

pic by : adamgultom

Tourist attraction

In this cave, you will enjoy the very cool air and the natural aroma of nature that makes our minds more calm and comfortable.

However, there are still many tourists who come to visit this place who do not comply with the rules of slang, such as throwing garbage out of place even though there is a trash can provided by the tour manager.

The water is not cold but warm, my friends, will make your body more relaxed if you soak in this warm pool.

pic by : exploringsumut

pic by : rachmatsitumorang

This tourist spot does not forbid bringing lunch from home, so what are you waiting for, let alone bring friends and family to travel to this place, don’t miss it…

Ergendang Cave Entrance Ticket

Ergendang Cave
For entry tickets to this tourist spot, a fee of 10,000 / person is charged, for those who drive two wheels, parking is charged around 2000 rupiah and for four wheels it is around Rp. 5000, – only.

Come on, for slang friends who want to try this tourist attraction, you can come and immediately enjoy the sensation of an excursion to this cool Ergendang Cave tourist attraction.


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