Curug Cipamingkis Bogor: Various Modern Photo Spots that are Suitable for Family Vacations

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Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor

The calm atmosphere and fresh air typical of the mountains can be enjoyed by friends for free at this tourist spot. This is the alibi why this waterfall is highly recommended for slang friends who want to free themselves from the fatigue of the urban atmosphere. The charm of nature is very charming combined with modern facilities that ensure the comfort of the tourists.

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These two factors are a complete combination that this Cipamingkis Waterfall tour has, friends, slang. There are also several rides such as fish therapy pools, fun camping areas, and cool picture spots that you can get hangouts with there. While feeling the beauty of nature, you can try out the fish treatment pond by inserting your feet into the pool.

As mentioned earlier, to reach the location of this Waterfall, you must walk with a travel time of about 2.5 hours. Even though you spend all your energy, the fatigue will pay off immediately when you arrive at the location. So that you don’t feel so tired and can explore the beauty of the waterfall in quite a long time, so you need the right accommodation.

Cool, this waterfall tour also introduces accommodation for tourists who come to stay. Slang friends don’t need to be afraid about the availability of lodging in the closest position from this tour, slang friends. The reason is, there are so many choices of hotels and villas with various types and prices according to the wishes and expertise of tourists.

After spending the night at Cipamingkis Waterfall, so you can continue your tour the next day. Buddy slang can reach rural areas that are still beautifully maintained and sustainable. In the morning the local people want to carry out their mandatory activities as farmers. Seeing farmers who are active in the fields is a certain impression for you, isn’t it?

Taken by Enda Photography

It’s as if a slang friend was brought into the memories of the past (bostalgia) which seemed simple but very memorable. Not only that, the villagers who are so friendly also continue to make your outing activities even more special. Moreover, tourists are allowed to be photographed in the middle of green rice fields. But make sure that your slang activities don’t interfere with their activities.

Tourists can also seek information from villagers regarding the nearest tourist destination from the location. Of course they want to respond very well, slang buddy. Not a few of them describe at a glance the news about the charm of the beauty of this Waterfall which describes the champion tourism in the area. Interesting right?

Address, Location Route, Cipamingkis Waterfall Entrance Ticket Prices

Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor
Taken by Curug Cipamingkis

Cipamingkis Waterfall is located in Wargajaya Village, Sukamakmur, Bogor. There is also access to this tour which is very easy to reach, slang. It’s just that, it takes a long time to get to the location. For that, tourists are advised to use a sturdy vehicle that can bulldoze the incline and derivatives of slang friends.

Given that the road leading to Cipamingkis Waterfall is dominated by uphill and downhill slopes, you must also prepare your body as best as possible. But you don’t need to be afraid, while exploring directions or directions, you won’t get lost. There are also routes that you can choose from, starting from Bekasi, Jakarta, and Cianjur, friends.

If you come from the direction of Bekasi, you can choose 3 routes, one of which is the Jagorawi Toll route, my friends. First of all, start the adventure by passing the Jagorawi Toll Road until it leads to the JORR Toll Road. After that, take the direction towards Mayor Oking until you get to the Citeureup New Market T-junction.

Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor

Taken by hasan sadiq syahab
At the left fork, take the direction to Cibadak and continue the adventure to Sukamakmur Jonggol Market. Continue the adventure until you are on the Ciherang Village Trail. From here, you just need to explore the direction of the route that will focus directly on the position of the Cipamingkis Waterfall.

If you come from Jakarta, then choose the Cibubur Toll route until you arrive at the Gunung Putri area. From Gunung Putri, continue the adventure towards Jonggol to Kec. Prosperous. From Sukamakmur Sub-district, you just have to focus the steering wheel towards Margajaya Village, where the position of this natural tourism is located.

Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor
Taken by Fernanda
As for the slang who arrived from Cianjur, it is recommended to choose the Cipanas Palace Road route to arrive at the Pacet Police Station. Arriving there, take the right direction and keep going until you get to a fork. From this fork, please turn right towards Puncak Line 2. On this road, you just turn left and you have arrived at the Cipamingkis Waterfall position, friends.

Just like tourism in general, to explore Cipamangkis Waterfall there are several fees that you must spend. There is also a fee required to pay levies and parking fees. There is also an entrance ticket that you have to pay, starting from Rp. 40 thousand to Rp. 50 thousand, slang.

For data, the payment is still not a package with various rides or facilities in it. There are also some facilities that require a fee, such as renting camping ground, rides, tree houses, fountain huts, tent rentals, villa rentals, sleeping bags, mattresses, and hammocks.

Exciting Activities that Can Make Happy at Cipamingkis Waterfall

Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor
Taken by Fachrur Rozi

1. Enjoy the Waterfall Aesthetic
The first activity that visitors must carry out is to enjoy the charming view of the Cipamingkis Waterfall. Watching the green scenery and the surrounding mountains, combined with the rushing water flow, is an activity that can calm the soul and mind.

The cool air that blows also increases the calmness that will have the impact of all fatigue being blown away. This is the reason why this Waterfall was chosen as a vacation destination to relieve fatigue from the implications of daily activities. Its location which is far from the hustle and bustle of the city makes the air that blows fresher.

2. Water Play
A stop at Cipamingkis Waterfall will not be complete unless you have tasted the health of the water that is able to wipe away fatigue from all over the body. Either soaking or just putting your feet in the pool under the waterfall immediately becomes something that must be done. Apart from wanting to get new experiences, you can play in the water in the fish therapy pond.

Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor

Taken by enda dasuki

3. Try the Fish Therapy Pool
As previously mentioned, in this waterfall there is a facility in the form of a therapeutic fish pond which is highly recommended. The small fish in it will eat the dead skin cells on the feet of visitors who are dipped in the pond. Feel the sensation of a therapeutic fish massage that will get rid of your tired slang far away.

4. Camping or Camping
For nature lovers, camping is a must activity while on vacation in nature tourism. At Cipamingkis Waterfall, you can do camping activities for a huma that has been prepared by the manager. Interestingly, they also provide camping equipment that will be very useful for tourists.

Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor
Taken by Curug Cipamingkis

5. Down the Bridge
The final activity that is no less interesting to do is to walk along the bridge which is located between the pine trees. The bridge that is made basically aims to connect one point with another point. However, the activity along the bridge is worth doing if you want to see the view from above.

Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor

Taken by Anton Siahaan

6. Hunting for Modern Photos
The management of this waterfall tour deliberately designed the area by adding countless interesting photo spots. Not only selfies or groufies with a waterfall background, other backgrounds such as bridges, mountains, and tree houses can also be used as interesting photo backgrounds.

Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor
Taken by Suzannita
Facilities at Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor

Speaking of facilities, Cipamingkis Waterfall is a nature tourism that gets the best management along with the completeness of the rides and infrastructure in it. There are countless facilities that you will get when visiting this tourist attraction. Starting from basic to additional facilities, everything is complete.

Like a recreation area in general, Cipamingkis Waterfall is equipped with basic facilities such as toilets, prayer rooms, large parking lots, food stalls, and others. The additional facilities include therapeutic fish ponds, hammock rental, villas or inns, camping equipment rental, mattress rental, camping sites, and interesting photo spots.

Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor
Taken by Indra Myesha
Slang friends who are getting tired after exploring the Waterfall section can pamper themselves by trying a therapeutic fish pond. Buddy slang can also fill a hungry stomach by tasting a variety of dishes sold in that location. About the price, you don’t have to worry. Most of the food outlets on this tour are owned by the local community. The price for each portion of the food is too reasonable.

Talking about Bogor is not only about Puncak. There are so many unique and cool tourist destinations in the city of Bogor that are worthy of visiting slang friends. For example, Cipamingkis Waterfall. Nature tourism combined with modern facilities always attracts the attention of tourists. Slang friends who stop by in Bogor, don’t forget to visit this Cipamingkis waterfall.

Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor
Taken by Curug Cipamingkis

Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor
Ticket Price: IDR 40,000;
Location : Wargajaya, Kec. Sukamakmur, Bogor Regency, West Java 16830
Web :
Contact : 0812 8907 4297

Thus a signkat review of “Cipamingkis Waterfall Bogor: Family Tour with Various Contemporary Photo Spots” hopefully this article can be a guide for all slang friends.


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