Giri Tirta Hot Springs Bogor: It Feels Very Satisfied and Makes It Lazy to Go Home

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Giri Tirta Hot Springs Bogor

Read More – Giri Tirta Resort is quite crowded on weekends, friends. Giri Tirta is located in the countryside near Jungleland. If you have received the words Welcome to Jungleland, immediately turn right towards the village where the road is indeed not very big and uphill.

Giri Tirta provides pick-up from Giant which is located just before Jungleland. The benchmark is a small workshop located at the intersection of slang.

The people near the location of the Giri Tirta Resort are very friendly and help a lot in explaining the location of the Giri Tirta Resort.

Giri Tirta Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by Gusti Martin

Giri Tirta Resort Bogor

Location: Victoria Park, Jl. King’s Crown No. 76, Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang, Karang Tengah, Kec. Babakan Madang, Kab. Bogor.

Tel: 02174713320

After passing a small river, we arrived at Giri Tirta Resort. The place is terraced, tourists must climb the stairs to get to the resort lobby. Arriving at the lobby, we were offered some packages by the receptionist.

Each bathing area is surrounded by cubicles so that it is not visible from the outside and is quite private for just one family or group of slang friends.

Giri Tirta Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by Ningrum T_Jayaningrum

In it there is another dimensional pool where the water continues to flow through the channel opening which makes the water constantly changing. In the middle of the wall there is a gazebo for resting after soaking and an open area shower for washing the body after soaking.

The hot spring water itself is not very hot and does not smell of sulfur like the usual hot springs. So children can also be strong in bathing, friends, slang.

Giri Tirta Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by Fifi Maryani

Officers also offered body scrubs and masks which he said were made from a combination of sulfur. One small bag with a price of Rp. 15,000, After soaking and wearing this mask and scrub, the skin also feels smoother!

An exciting and very exciting experience when visiting Giri Tirta Resort is sure to be satisfied and lazy to go home.

A little guide for those of you who want to go there to enjoy this exotic hot spring:

Using the pick-up facility provided by Giri Tirta

Giri Tirta Hot Springs Bogor
Photo by Rhesadi Adventure

It’s better to just ask Giri Tirta to be picked up because they provide a pick-up facility from Giant which is located close to Jungleland.

Arrive on weekdays

Giri Tirta Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by

On weekdays, Giri Tirta is not as crowded as on the weekends, so we can be more free to enjoy the bathing atmosphere with the sounds of nature, friends.

Bring cash

Giri Tirta does not have an EDC machine and there are no ATMs in the vicinity. Therefore, bring enough cash to pay for the entrance ticket, buy a meal while there (the fried bananas are delicious!) or to pay for voluntary parking if you are riding in a community home area.

Bring bathing suits for children

Giri Tirta Hot Springs Bogor
Photo by Kelvin LEFT

Giri Tirta Resort Orang provides special bathing suits for adults, but not for children. Just bring bathing clothes for children that can be forgiven if exposed to yellow spots from sulfur.

Soaking in this warm water pool is very exciting and can be an alternative activity with the family. Not only that, it can also be quality time that adds to the intimacy of your little family. When else can you soak in the same pool with your family?

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