Bogor Ciampea Waterfall: A Place to Calm the Soul and Mind from the Tired of Routines

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Bogor Ciampea Waterfall

Read More – When talking about natural tourism in Bogor, there will be no end to slang friends. The charm of Bogor indeed makes anyone always want to come back.

The atmosphere and natural scenery that Bogor offers is one of the highly recommended places to calm down, friends. That’s why every year tourist visits to the tourist city of Bogor continue to grow.

Bogor Ciampea Waterfall
Pic by Ardiyansah Syah
So, from the many natural tourist destinations in Bogor, this time we want to take you to explore one of the charms of Bogor which is a little less exposed, my friends, the name is Ciampea Waterfall or Cipata, but the local people often call it Green Lagoon, friends.

Ciampea Waterfall is located in Tenjolaya Village, Kec. Ciampea, Bogor, West Java. To achieve it, you have to pass through the green jungle let alone split the hill which is so beautiful slang!

So, what’s interesting about Ciampea Waterfall?

Bogor Ciampea Waterfall
Photo by @adrianloa

Here, you can have a beautiful vacation while enjoying the treats of the natural atmosphere of the city of Bogor, friends. The clean air and soothing natural scenery will make you linger here. Not only that, the water is very clear and can be an underwater spot in Bogor, which is cozy after hanging out with friends. Come here when it’s still morning so you can enjoy the beauty

Ciampea waterfall freely. Oh yes, this tour is still so beautiful and beautiful, slang. It’s not often that people come here to travel.

Bogor Ciampea Waterfall

Pic by Karim alwaqidi

Because it is still categorized as a new tourist, Ciampea Waterfall does not yet have complete facilities as other natural attractions in Bogor. You just want to see the parking area – which is also the land of the local community, slang. The entrance ticket has not yet been issued. But you can share your sincere contribution to the local community as a form of your concern for Ciampea Waterfall.

Access and routes to Ciampea Waterfall are a little difficult. You will pass through thick trees and majestic shady hills. Our advice is not to come alone, friends.

Bogor Ciampea Waterfall
Pic by Wawan Setiawan

Bogor Ciampea Waterfall
Pic by Marllo Marlley

Invite friends or relatives to make your trip more exciting. Because it’s not in the GPS yet, first of all you have to go to Tenjolaya Village, Kec. Ciampea. From here, ask the people near the location of the Ciampea Waterfall. Don’t worry, the people of Tenjolaya Village are friendly and smiley.

Curug Ciampea Bogor
Location: Tapos I, Kec. Tenjolaya, Kab. Bogor
Opening hours: 7AM – 5:30PM Wib

Ciampea or Cipata waterfalls or Green Lagoon are cool if you visit when you are in Bogor, friends. Come in the morning, don’t forget to throw trash in the place and always keep the Ciampea Waterfall sustainable. Oh yes, if you have any data regarding Ciampea Waterfall, share your opinion in the FB comment column! So, stay clean and be wise travelers guys!


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