Teroh Teroh Langkat Waterfall: Visiting Two Tours of Plaruga and the Eternal Pond

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Teroh Teroh Langkat Waterfall

Karogaul.com – Located in Kab. Langkat, there is a tourist area called Pelaruga slang. In that position there are 2 waterfalls, friends, as well as a pool that is very attractive to tourists. Each waterfall has a different personality and beauty. And this post will discuss about the Teroh-Teroh Waterfall, and the eternal pool of friends.

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Guide Team. Source: www.gomedan.id

After that, the tourists will be equipped with buoys, after that they will get directions from the guide. The distance from the parking position to the eternal pool is close to 20 minutes of adventure, friends. Among the directions he conveyed were not to speak carelessly, aka the obligation to protect words, and not to litter.

After the direction and prayer ended, the excursion began along the road that was still in the form of dirt, not yet in the form of a wall structure or paving block, my friends. It’s better to visit the Teroh-Teroh Waterfall position not during the rainy season, because the tracking path is certainly slippery even though it’s not steep.

Teroh Teroh Langkat WaterfallTracking From Parking Area To Bridge. Source: www.medanwisata.com

Initial tracking, tourists want to pass through a road where on the right there are trees that line up sharing shade with friends. Not long after that, the traveler must cross a bridge made of bamboo which is located above the river. After that, arrive at the initial shop or it can be said that the initial post is slang. In that position, you can buy natural drinks called Air Nira.

Nira Water is a natural drink that can restore stamina. Moreover, the drink is processed impromptu slang. And the price of Air Nira at the shop is very cheap, only Rp. 10,000 only per bottle. We continue tracking. From the location of the first stall, the route will take many descents, but not too slopingly. Only at a certain point.

When approaching the waterfall, the condition of the path is getting sloping. And the layers of the stairs are still in the form of soil. From that location, a traveler can already hear the noise of people enjoying the fun. When you finish the descent, you won’t see a waterfall, because the first location is the Eternal Pool.

Teroh Teroh Langkat WaterfallTracking Towards the Eternal Pool. Source: www.lynur.com

Then where is the location of the waterfall, friends, the majority of visitors do body rafting to get to the location of Teroh-Teroh Waterfall. But it doesn’t really have to be body rafting. In the middle of the trip, you can climb the cliff on the left side of the Eternal Pond’s water flow.

Teroh Teroh Langkat WaterfallBody Rafting Towards Teroh-Teroh Waterfall. Source: oftenjalan.com

Not long after that, the traveler will arrive at the location of the Teroh-Teroh Waterfall, friends. An extraordinary tracking. Once rowed two islands passed. Once visited, enjoy two tourist spots!

The Enchantment of the Beauty of Teroh-Teroh Waterfall It is not without reason, of course, that Teroh-Teroh Waterfall is visited by many tourists. Of course because of the charm of its beauty.

Teroh Teroh Langkat Waterfall

Teroh-Teroh Waterfall

This is the charm of the beauty or attraction of the Teroh-Teroh Waterfall:

1. The Beauty of Waterfalls
Teroh Waterfall -Teroh has a height of about 12 meters, with very clear water conditions and directly from the spring. In addition, the beauty lies in tracking to the location of the waterfall, you have to pass the beauty of a very clear river called the eternal pond. The trees, and the cool air at the Teroh-Teroh Waterfall location become a cradle of pleasure to temporarily relieve all forms of fatigue.

Teroh Teroh Langkat WaterfallThe Enchantment of the Beauty of the Teroh-Teroh Waterfall. Source: www.dowes29.com

2. Eternal Pond
The eternal pool is the first spot when a traveler wants to go to the location of Teroh-Teroh Waterfall. The condition of the water is very clear, and bluish. So clear, the bottom of the pool can be seen with the naked eye. Its location between rock cliffs adds to its beauty.

Teroh Teroh Langkat WaterfallThe Enchantment of the Beauty of the Eternal Pool. Source: www.paperkampung.com

It has a depth of about 3 meters, and the flow of water brings it to the location of the Teroh-Teroh Waterfall. And in this spot, most visitors spend most of their time. The condition of the water and the surrounding scenery are very worthy of becoming a national-scale tourist destination. Only the arrangement of the surrounding facilities must be optimal.

Variety of Tourist Activities at Teroh-Teroh Waterfall

Teroh Teroh Langkat Waterfall

Teroh-Teroh Waterfall

Some of the various activities that tourists can do while at the Teroh-Teroh Waterfall tourist location are as follows:

1. Body Rafting
This tourist area is really good for those who are good at swimming and have a hobby of swimming. From the first arrival, the traveler is equipped with a buoy. The goal is to stay safe, and enjoy body rafting activities, especially when in the eternal pool. Body rafting is navigating the river with our bodies as boats or rudders.

Teroh Teroh Langkat WaterfallBody Rafting Activities. Source: himalausu.org
Teroh Teroh Langkat WaterfallCliff Jumping In The Eternal Pool. Source: anggigeo.wordpress.com

3. Photo Hunt
If you have a camera that can record while swimming, then this tool must be brought with you. Because the beauty of this tourist location is not only on land, but also at the bottom of the pond. The many kinds of tours that can be done at Teroh-Teroh Waterfall are a dish of enjoyment in traveling.

Teroh Teroh Langkat WaterfallPhoto Hunt. Source: www.paperkampung.com

Even though we have been provided with a guide, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be careful. Stay grounded in the aspects of safety and comfort in traveling.

Location and Address of Teroh-Teroh Waterfall

Teroh Teroh Langkat Waterfall

The location and address of Teroh-Teroh Waterfall is in Rumah Galuh Village, Sei Bingai District, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra Province.

Route Or Access Road To Teroh-Teroh Waterfall

The route to Teroh-Teroh Waterfall from Medan can be via the Medan – Binjai Toll Road, then to Jalan Sungai Wampu, and finally continue to Rumah Galuh Village. The distance from Medan to the tourist location of Teroh-Teroh Waterfall is about 48 kilometers, with a travel time of approx. 1 hour 30 minutes of travel buddy slang.

Teroh Teroh Langkat Waterfall

Teroh-Teroh Waterfall

Entrance Fee / Entrance Fee for Teroh-Teroh Waterfall and Eternal Pond

The entrance fee for Teroh-Teroh Waterfall or the price of admission / HTM Teroh-Teroh Waterfall is Rp. 40,000. The price includes parking fees, the cost of storing goods, as well as guide services, as well as entering the Eternal Pool, friends.

Teroh Teroh Langkat Waterfall

Teroh-Teroh Waterfall

Teroh Teroh Langkat Waterfall

Teroh-Teroh Waterfall

Teroh-Teroh Waterfall Operating Hours

The operating hours of Teroh-Teroh Waterfall are open 24 hours, from Monday to Sunday. You can get lodging in the Rumah Galuh Village area, the cost is very affordable, my friends.


If the arrangement of the location can be optimally including the facilities and rides provided, then the location of the Teroh-Teroh Waterfall can be excellent even to the national level.

Teroh Teroh Langkat Waterfall

Teroh-Teroh Waterfall

It takes the presence of all parties of course to make this happen. and the role of visitors is not to litter, not to damage the environment, and to comply with the health and safety protocols that have been set.

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