Hot Springs in Bogor: These 5 Tourist Places Will Make You Lazy To Go Home

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bogor hot water

Read More – It feels very appropriate if Bogor is dubbed the city of a million tourist attractions, slang. Because in this rainy city there are so many tourist destinations that keep popping up from time to time. It is clear how nature tourism and modern tourism are competing to attract tourists to be interested in coming to their tourist spots.

Although there are many cool new tourist destinations, natural tourism in the form of hot springs is no less interesting to explore as well as slang friends. Tourist destinations that offer swimming pools with hot water that have natural minerals are always being hunted by tourists. This is a collection of Bogor hot springs that are no less hits than other tours. Here’s a review of slang friends:

1. Kawah Ratu Hot Springs

Kawah Ratu Hot Springs
Photo by Listia Kurniasih

Kawah Ratu hot spring is located in the Mount Salak area. The location is located at the point 1. 338 masl. The position of the large baths seems to make tourists have to fight to reach this bath, slang.

The track to get to the Kawah Ratu baths is a little challenging and extreme, my friend. Suitable for those of you who are happy or interested in adventure and challenges. The Mount Salak zone is a place that has quite a lot of geological activity to explore.

This is caused by the presence of a crater that does not stop producing sulfuric acid gas every time. If you plan to come to this bath, you should pay attention to your physical condition, slang. Because it takes a perfect body to walk the path to the Kawah Ratu hot springs.

Kawah Ratu Hot Springs

Photo by azib Mochamad

The distance from the crater to the hot spring position is quite far. The adventure to that position takes quite a long time, my friend, slang. The hallmark if you have arrived at the Kawah Ratu baths is that you have created a clear and clear water flow that splits the crater.

This location  which is used as a hot spring, slang. Around the river is surrounded by sulfur which for scientific records is effective for treating various skin diseases in general.

Data about the benefits of sulfur has become an open secret. Therefore there are a lot of tourists who bring back sulfur  hot water is soabt slang.

Address: Gunung Sari, Kec. Pamijahan, Kab. Bogor.
Opening hours: 08.00-17.00 WIB
HTM: Rp5. 000

2. Tirta Sanita Baths

Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor
Hot Springs in Bogor

People understand this bath as Tirta Sanita Hot Spring and Outbound. This tourist destination combines hot springs with a fun play area, friends, slang. This object is the right choice for taking your family on vacation.

Tirta Sanita hot spring tourism facilitates its tourist attraction with a variety of other interesting facilities, such as various games for children, lodging and a game arena that challenges friends to hang out with.

The swimming pool in the Tirta Sanita hot spring consists of several pools which are distinguished by the number of visitors. There are universal pools and individual pools that only fit one or two people in it.

Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor
Photo by cariwan iwan

The advantage of hot water in this pool is the content of lime and sulfur which dissolves in it. The lime content comes from the limestone hills located near the position of the baths.

Not enough with the excitement of soaking in the hot water pool? Calm down buddy. The manager makes a special spot to be photographed for tourists who want to capture the moment of sightseeing with your family and closest people, already prepared here, friends.

Other supporting facilities are formed by the manager as other attractions that want to make tourists feel at home for long here, for example, such as car bombs, high ropes, water balls, paint balls, fancy trans, fish treatment, multi-purpose buildings and others. other.

Address: Street. Raya Ciseeng, Bojong Indah, Kec. Parung, Kab. Bogor.
Opening hours: 07. 00 – 20.00 WIB
HTM: Rp5. 000- Rp50. 000

3. Ciparay Hot Spring

Ciparay Hot Spring
Photo by yayat hidayat

Ciparay hot spring pool offers a natural hot spring atmosphere that is quite thick, slang. Here, the hot water flows from the spring through the bamboo installed in the pool for bathing.

This hot spring is located in the area of ​​Mount Halimun Salak Endah. The hot spring environment is well laid out. The rural atmosphere is quite thick in this position. The condition of the path leading to the bathing position has been quite good.

Be careful when walking on this path because the roads here are winding and quite steep. There are stairs that you must climb to get to the hot shower. Although it is quite tiring but, all of it will disappear with the warm mountain hot water, buddy.

The position of the Cipara hot spring is located on the left of the Ciliwung river, my friends. The clear and cold river water flowing between the large volcanic rocks is felt when the water touches the skin.

Ciparay Hot Spring
Photo by Fikriansyah 04
There are not many hot spring baths. There are only 2 bathing pools, friends. Therefore, when tourists are busy, we must wait our turn to enter the pool.

However, if you want a private room for bathing, you can contact the manager to provide a bathing room for you, friends.

Address: Ciparai Village, Gunung Sari Village, Pamijah District, Bogor Regency
Opening hours: 24 hours
HTM: open hut Rp30. 000 huts covered Rp50. 000 pool rental Rp3. 000

4. Mount Pancar Hot Springs

Mount Pancar Hot Spring
Photo by Fah19 –

The position of the following hot springs is located in the area of ​​Mount Pancar Citeureup, Bogor, friends. Precisely located in Kampung Karang Tengah district. Madang Babakan. This area offers a natural natural panorama of the countryside that is so beautiful and beautiful.

While bathing, tourists can get a panoramic view of the beautiful open nature that unfolds in front of the eyes of slang friends. You can choose to soak in a public hot tub or a separate private plunge pool.

For public pools, the manager divides the pool based on the gender of the slang. The public pools for men and women are separated.

Address: Kp. Karang Tengah, Babakan Madang District, Bogor, West Java
Opening hours: 24 hours
HTM: Rp10. 000- Rp20. 000

5. Resort Giri Tirta Bogor

Resort Giri Tirta Bogor
Hot Springs in Bogor

The position of the Giri Tirta Bogor hot spring is located in the same place as the position of the Mount Pancar bath. Resort Giri Tirta Bogor presents a typical rural natural atmosphere for tourists who need a quiet and peaceful recreation time.

Access to the Giri Tirta bathing position is indeed not sufficient. However, tourists who want to visit this place can use transportation managed by the Giri Tirta Bogor resort.

Resort Giri Tirta Bogor with its safe hot springs has become a popular place among foreign tourists. It is proven that this place receives many foreign guests from various countries.

Resort Giri Tirta Bogor

Photo by 5b Lee John

The facilities at this resort are quite complete. Swimming pools are divided into several types, namely family pools and universal pools. The management built this resort with a combination of touch and nature by using an area that is still preserved in its beauty.

In this position there is also a waterfall with an alternative to other interesting objects found at the Giri Tirta resort. You will be pampered with other facilities offered from this exclusive resort.

Address: Street. Crown King Number. 76, Karang Tengah, Kec. Babakan Madang, Kab. Bogor.
Opening hours: 24 hours
HTM: Optimum IDR 250. 000/ 4 people

Resort Giri Tirta Bogor
So, if the sightseeing time is still long, you can spend time exploring the city of Bogor with different tourist attractions. Because this city has no shortage of tourist attractions for anyone who wants to enjoy their holiday. Prepare good time and energy so that sightseeing or recreation is not disturbed.

That’s all, friends, short review about “Hot Springs in Bogor: 5 These Places Will Make You Lazy To Go Home” If you are on vacation in Bogor, don’t forget to stop by one of these hot spring destinations, okay. Happy holidays. . .


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