Curug Bidadari Bogor: Presenting a Beautiful and Charming Natural Atmosphere and Panorama

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Bogor Angel Waterfall

Read More – The Bidadari Waterfall may have sounded hot in the ears of some tourists, friends, slang. This Bidadari Waterfall is one of the waterfall tourist destinations that you can explore in Bogor. This waterfall is liked by many visitors because it includes HTM tours that are cheap in the pocket and can refresh the minds and hearts of slang friends. Of course, you can visit the Sentul Angel Waterfall with your beloved family and spend the weekend.

Its existence is also not too far from the center of Bogor city and can be accessed easily. The position of this waterfall is located in the village of Bojong Koneng, my friends. Bidadari Waterfall has complete facilities and is neatly arranged. Of course you can still find Curug Bidadari as high as 40 m with an atmosphere that is still beautiful and beautiful even though it has been managed in such a way.

Bogor Angel Waterfall
Dedi Lesmana

For tourists who arrive from Jakarta to the location of the Bidadari waterfall, you can pass the Jagorawi Toll Road to the location of the Sentul Bidadari waterfall, friends. Because its position is not so far away, it is very suitable for tourist destinations with friends and family.

Access leads to Curug Bidadari

Bogor Angel Waterfall

After you pass the Sentul City Toll Gate, you can turn left when you meet the initial fork. You can cover approximately 2 kilometers, there is a narrow path that you will meet at the branch of the path, friends. After that, the slang buddy turn right after meeting the fork in funds to cross a short tunnel.

Your excursion will feel quite enjoyable because the infrastructure has been well managed and the road is quite wide, flat and soft, my friends. After that you can turn left after meeting the next fork.

slang friends can go down that path and you will find a sign that says Cikeas Lake to the right, after that you need to take that route, slang friends. From this turn, you will find a road that is quite uphill and winding, no need to be afraid because this path is also very well infrastructure.

Bogor Angel Waterfall

Photo by Purnomo Sri Herlambang

After traveling a distance of approximately 7.5 km, you will find the next T-junction, and you must turn right. Even though the path is gentle, you have to be careful because this path is quite steep so you must always be vigilant every time you pass it. After passing approximately 600 m, you will find a sign that says Sentul Paradise Park pointing to the left to reach the position of the waterfall Bidadari, friends.

On this road you will find a slightly rocky route, turning and shrinking for about 1.8 km. This route you must take to reach the position of Curug Bidadari. In conclusion, you will arrive at the Curug Bidadari parking area and enjoy enjoying a fun vacation, friends.

The Enchantment of Bidadari Waterfall
Bogor Angel Waterfall
Photo by Alanz Ramlan

As soon as you arrive at the parking zone, your eyes will be treated to the charm of Curug Bidadari water tourism. slang friends can clearly see Bidadari Waterfall from the parking zone directly. This location has experienced good infrastructure growth because previously tourists had to walk for 2 kilometers from Cimbimbin Village to the Bidadari Waterfall.

From the parking area, you will walk down a narrow staircase made of stone with a fairly wide distance. When you come to the end of the stairs, you will find many stalls selling food, so you don’t need to be afraid if you are hungry.

There is also the Bidadari Waterfall Restaurant in Sentul Paradise Park which will present you with a panoramic view of nature and the valley while you eat your slang friend’s dish. In the middle of the position towards the Bidadari Waterfall, there is a giant rock that has been cut in the middle to make it easier for tourists when passing by slang friends. After passing this route, you can directly enjoy the beauty of Curug Bidadari and will be fascinated by the beauty of the 75 m high waterfall.

Bogor Angel Waterfall

Photo by fitri fm

Bogor Angel Waterfall
Photo by Imam BM

There is a small pool that is comfortable for children and a large pool that can be used as an alternative to other pools for tourists who want to play in the water with friends. The large pool is not comfortable enough for children because it has a depth of close to 1.5 m. Both of these pools have very clear water because it is flowed directly by the Bidadari waterfall without the presence of any chemicals.

On the edge of the pool there is also white sand that is presented directly from Belitung Island so that the pool resembles the edge of an artificial sea with beautiful white sand. Even though it is managed in a modern way, you don’t need to be afraid of not being able to feel the naturalness of the Curug springs because the pool water is flowed directly by natural springs from the waterfall.

Facilities at Bidadari Waterfall

Bogor Angel Waterfall
Photo by nurasiah jamil jamil

Not only the natural beauty found in the Bidadari waterfall, tourists can also enjoy other facilities that make your recreation more fun with your family, such as renting a water bike that is specially made for children so that it is comfortable for you to hang out with. The tourists can also enjoy the beauty of the pool while relaxing at the base of a shady umbrella beside the pool. If you want relaxation, you can try fish treatment that you can enjoy.

Bidadari Waterfall will be an interesting and refreshing tourist destination for you and your family. The water pool at Bidadari Waterfall is made with the aim that tourists can feel the swiftness of the Bidadari waterfall more comfortably underneath.

At the end of the pool, you can also try the sensation with a more modern water tourism atmosphere because there is a fairly large slide. When your friends are tired of playing in the water, after that you can relax for a moment by enjoying snacks in the saung that has been provided by the manager along the cliff which is located on the edge of the Bidadari Waterfall. Of course you can enjoy snacks in this saung by paying some fees for renting.

Bogor Angel Waterfall

Photo by Refina Fia

Bogor Angel Waterfall

Photo by Tiny Anggre

The river flow from this waterfall is about to flow back into the feeding zone at the position of the Bidadari waterfall. That said, the flow of this river is also the headwaters of the Cikeas River. slang friends can taste a variety of typical snacks sold in stalls, such as tofu sumedang, fried bananas, etc.

This meal will fill your empty stomach, friends, after a day playing at the Bidadari waterfall while relaxing in the hut. During the day, the tourist position of Curug Bidadari will face an increase in the number of tourists until it is late in the afternoon. Therefore, slang friends can choose the best time when visiting, when tourists are quiet or when there are many tourists.

As described above, the position of the Bidadari Waterfall was so hidden that only a few tourists recognized its existence. Moreover, to reach the position of the Bidadari waterfall, tourists must walk for 2 kilometers. There is a hill that forms a valley and makes this waterfall only part of its beauty, slang friends. As a result, the beauty of this waterfall is not widely exposed.

Bogor Angel Waterfall
Photo by Sd Subhi

Because of this, the hill that forms a valley is then excavated to make access to the location easier. This excavation of course also aims to provide a holding pool directly from the source of the waterfall. Another obstacle is a large rock located in front of the waterfall, after which the manager splits the rock to make it easier for tourists to get to the Sentul Bidadari waterfall.

Bogor Bidadari Waterfall

Address : Jl. Sentul Paradise Park, Bojong Koneng, Kec. Babakan Madang, Kab. Bogor
Operational hours: 6AM–5PM Wib

Thus a brief review of “Bogor Bidadari Waterfall: Good Tour for Families with a Green Natural Paorama View” Are you interested in visiting it?


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