Cappadocia Tanah Karo : SRP Ernala Tour Presents the Sensation of a Turkey-Style Vacation

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Cappadocia Land of Karo

Cappadocia is a large plains tourist destination located in Turkey. This tour is already worldwide, moreover, it is the main destination for foreign tourists while on vacation to the country. What’s so interesting about this slang place?

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Here, tourists will be pampered with the beauty of the mountains North of Taurus, by riding a hot air balloon. This air balloon will take tourists to explore every splendor and beauty that is in Cappadocia.

Image from : Perdamenta Ferry

Not just one air balloon, but dozens of air balloons floating in the sky. So that it makes the eyes of tourists marvel at enjoying the beautiful natural panorama of the sky with dozens of air balloons floating in the sky. Not only the splendor, this is a certain attraction of Cappadocia Turkey.

Cappadocia in the style of Tanah Karo Village.

Cappadocia Land of Karo

Although it is not as grand and beautiful as Cappadocia in Turkey, Cappadocia, which is spoken in the style of wisdom from the land of Karo, is quite a happy vacation for tourists, friends, slang.

Cappadocia Sukanalu Village.

Cappadocia Land of Karo
Image from : Rika The Explorer1

The initial alibi was called Cappadocia, because in this place there is also a fairly large air balloon, but it has a very striking comparison, slang. The difference is in the hot air balloon. Well, you must have known that the air balloon in Cappadocia, Sukanalu Village, cannot float. Even so, this place is well received by residents, and it is proven that this place is always crowded with tourists.

Srp Ernala Sukanalu Tourism Address

Cappadocia Land of Karo
Image from : John Ken

For those of you who want to try a vacation to Cappadocia a la Tanah Karo. Tourists can come to Sukanalu Simbelang Village, Barusjahe District, Karo Regency, North Sumatra.

Tourists who come from the city of Medan, so that it is easier and closer to enter from the Pagoda, from the pagoda the position will be on the right, there will be a sign made big, slang. From there you go straight. But if you are from Kabanjahe, the entry is from the 3 arrow tax, then turn left past the Koramil. From the Koramil, go straight to the Sukanalu village.

Srp Ernala Entrance Ticket

How much is the entry ticket? To be able to enjoy the facilities and interesting holiday rides from this place, slang friends. Tourists want to make bajat for Rp. 10. 000/ person.

The fee does not include the fee for the rides contained inside.

Unique Picture Spots.

Cappadocia Land of Karo
Image from : Joni Lie

Most of the tourists who vacation here spend their time taking pictures or relaxing while eating with friends. Every corner of this place can be used as a background for taking pictures, and of course the resulting image is also good with the natural landscape of the highland mountains.

One of the picture spots that have magical energy is the Air Balloon Spot. Here you can express yourself in your favorite style to create great photos.

In addition to the air balloons, there are also several picture spots that are no less unique and interesting for you to try, friends, slang. A kind of spot for pictures of the size of the Sinuah ship, Spot pictures of umbrellas, Spot pictures of bird wings, Spot pictures of camping backgrounds, etc. You can try all of them without the need for a paid bonus.

Children’s Pool.

Cappadocia Land of Karo
Taken by Thaniia Batubara

Tourists who bring their children will be safe and happy to come on vacation here, friends, friends. Here, your heart can feel what is called a vacation, by trying water rides that can express their happiness.

There are special water rides for children that can make them have fun with water. The swimming pool has a depth of close to the knee and is as deep as the waist of a 9 year old child.

For those of you who are afraid when your children play in the pool or outside the pool, you can immediately see and monitor the fun of them playing in the pool.

Culinary 30k Buddy Gaul.

It doesn’t feel complete if we go on vacation far outside the region and don’t try to taste the culinary slang, friends, it doesn’t feel right, so try to eat food cooked with special spices from the region.

At Srp Ernala Sukanalu’s page, tourists can enjoy various culinary offerings, ranging from fried rice to culinary grilled fish cooked with special spices.

For fish menus, tourists can directly order or fish themselves, because the fish are farmed or in seedlings there. So that when you eat the fish, it will taste more delicious, sweet and fresh.

Facilities Srp Ernala

Cappadocia Land of Karo
Cappadocia Land of Karo

Cappadocia Land of Karo
Taken by owner vie
For the convenience of every tourist, this facility from Srp Ernala Sukanalu’s page is more than adequate, my friends. Which is where tourists can feel at home for long and safe here. Among these facilities, there are those discussed at the beginning of the post, such as:

Unique Picture Spots
::Restaurant Cafe
::Lots of sitting stands
::Children’s Pool
::Fishing Pond
::Parking Area, and
::Universal toilet.

Thus a brief review of “Cappadocia Tanah Karo: Ernala SRP Tourism Serves a Turkey-Style Vacation Sensation” When are you exploring this unique tour in Karo village?


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