Ponot Waterfall: Really Charming and Amazing, Its Height Reaches 250 Meters

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Ponot Asahan Waterfall

Karogaul.com – Ponot Waterfall or Curug Ponot is one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia. It has a height of approximately 250 M along with a fairly heavy water discharge and a terraced waterfall arrangement which is the main attraction and beauty of this tourist destination.

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Photo by @cousinsbackpacker

The flow of the Ponot waterfall comes from the Ponot River which is a tributary of the Asahan River and is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. Because it is in the highlands, the air temperature becomes cooler and shady.

Ponot Asahan Waterfall

Photo by @_anindarmdni98

Under this Ponot waterfall there are large natural rocks as a complement to the beauty of slang friends. At some moments visitors can see thousands of bats flying over the waterfall. However, the existence of this bat actually adds to the uniqueness of the natural phenomenon of this Ponot waterfall tourist destination.

Ponot Asahan Waterfall

Photo by @atikarahmi_marpaung

According to the experience of visitors who have come to this tour, the most exciting sensation when you are here is when you are competing to try the cold waterfall. The sensation of being hit by the splashing of a waterfall seems to add its own freshness to visitors. Even though the struggle to get to the location of the waterfall is quite adrenaline, your tiredness will instantly be cured when you reach this location.

Ponot Waterfall Entrance Fee

Ponot Asahan Waterfall

Photo by @iksan_32

For every visitor who is interested in going on an excursion to this Ponot waterfall, we have summarized information regarding the price of admission to this waterfall tourist area.

::For Entrance Ticket + Two-Wheel Vehicles are pegged together at a price of Rp. 10,000.

::Meanwhile for Entrance Ticket + Four-Wheel Vehicle, you need to pay Rp. 20,000.

Ponot Waterfall Operating Hours

Ponot Asahan Waterfall

Photo by @dinnn___15

Tourists can visit and enjoy the beauty of the waterfall every day. On average, visitors spend about an hour playing in the water and also taking selfies here, friends. You can also feel it by enjoying the cool water splashes and taking pictures in the existing spots.

Activities And Tourist Attractions

Ponot Asahan Waterfall

After arriving at the location of the waterfall, visitors can also carry out various exciting activities such as swimming and playing with friends, along the path to the top of the waterfall and taking selfies with friends.

1. Swim in Ponot Waterfall Buddy Gaul

There is something lacking if you don’t take the time to play in the water in this Ponot tour. Likewise, when you stop by this tourist area, friends are slang. Visitors can swim or play in the water while enjoying the natural beauty offered by slang. The sensation of being dammed under the cold splash of a waterfall is an unforgettable experience for sure for slang friends.

Ponot Asahan Waterfall

Photo by @agus_andriawan

We know that this Ponot Asahan waterfall has a heavy water debit so tourists have to be careful when swimming or playing in the water here, friends. We suggest not to come during the rainy season, because the debit of this waterfall will be heavier and dangerous.

2. Climbing the Peak of the Waterfall

After enjoying playing in the water and swimming, visitors can walk further up the road to enjoy the surrounding panorama. The journey that is passed is not so difficult and not steep, although it is a bit of a hike. Along the climb there are large rocks to hold on to while walking. When you reach the top, visitors can immediately see the Sigura-gura hydropower plant from a distance.

Ponot Asahan Waterfall

Photo by @mhmadardis

In addition, slang friends, visitors can take selfies in various corners of this tourist area. Like on the rocks and swimming and playing water. Caution and vigilance over slippery roads must be a concern for slang friends when capturing the best photos

Ponot Waterfall Facilities

Ponot Asahan Waterfall

Photo by @_anindarmdni98

This tourist destination is still managed independently by local residents for facilities that are still simple and mediocre. Only a few food and soft drink vendors, and one bathroom near the parking lot. This is certainly too unfortunate considering the number of visitors who are interested in visiting the highest waterfall in Indonesia.

Location & Route To Ponot Waterfall

This waterfall attraction is located in Tangga Village, close to Porsea Paritohan, Pintu Pohan Meranti District, Bandar Pulau, Asahan Regency, North Sumatra.

Ponot Asahan Waterfall

Photo by @fujia_risa

To get to the waterfall tourist zone, you can travel about 2-3 hours from the city of Kisaran, friends. In addition, visitors can choose a trip from three other cities in North Sumatra, namely through Porsea City in Kab. Tobasa, Pematang Siantar City in Kab. Simalungun or Parapat Overseas City in Kab. sharpen.

Ponot Asahan Waterfall

Photo by @mclflows

Especially for tourists who depart from the city of Medan, especially first to the city of Tebing Tinggi, friends. Usually the visitors coming from the city of Medan leave using private vehicles, friends, slang.

Ponot Asahan Waterfall

Photo by @ari_arlim

Access to the waterfall can be passed by a two-wheeled or four-wheeled motorized vehicle, but you must be careful because on the road there is a slightly perforated path and through the palm oil plantation route.

That’s a brief review of “10 Portraits of Ponot Asahan Waterfall: Check Locations, Facilities and Access to Tourist Locations.” Are you going to visit this beautiful place this weekend?


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