Angkringan Tepi Sawah Setu: A Unique Hangout Place in Bekasi that is Always Crowded with Visitors

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Read More – In addition to Bogor and Bandung, which are always choices for travel or culinary, the city of Bekasi can now be used as an alternative for tourists for healing. Because in this city, you will find many tourist attractions that you can visit, from nature tourism to culinary tours.

Well, we want to share culinary tourism suggestions in the form of interesting perched places to visit for slang friends. This destination is called Angkringan Tepi Sawah Setu, a place to perch that offers a unique concept suitable for quality time with beloved friends and family.

A Glimpse of Setu Sawah Edge Angkringan

Setu Rice Fields Angkringan
Sigit Kurniawan

Angkringan Tepi Sawah Setu is one of the culinary attractions in Bekasi which has just hit and gone viral on various social media. This hits perch in Bekasi is indeed still very new, because only the soft opening at the end of January 2022 later.

Angkringan Tepi Sawah Setu Bekasi appears to offer a cafe with an angkringan concept in the style of Balinese vibes by presenting a beautiful natural panorama near you, friends. This perch has a fairly wide area, it is safe and the facilities are also quite sufficient.

Next, we want to share some data, meaning that it is related to attractiveness, complete facilities, menu notes, operating hours and the position of Angkringan Tepi Sawah Setu Bekasi, friends.

The Attraction of Setu Rice Fields Angkringan, Bekasi

Setu Rice Fields Angkringan
Fajriah Rahmadani

The main attraction of Angkringan Tepi Sawah Bekasi is the place that presents natural charm that fascinates slang. Given its location which is a rice field zone, of course you will be treated to a beautiful natural panorama of green rice fields.

The location, which is surrounded by rice fields and shady trees, certainly has a very cool atmosphere, perfect for a place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. Now for those of you who want to find a place to relax, you can visit this new perched place in Bekasi.

In addition to beautiful natural scenery, Angkringan Tepi Sawah Setu offers 2 zones, namely indoor and outdoor. For the indoor it has a traditional building design, fits the concept. It is an open joglo building.

On the other hand, for an outdoor area you want to occupy a fairly large area. There are tables and sofas in front of the joglo and there is a lesehan zone on the edge of the rice fields with synthetic grass covered with bean bag pillows, friends.

Bekasi’s Rice Fields Angkringan Facilities

Setu Rice Fields Angkringan
Agus KYB

For the convenience of the tourists, the manager of Angkringan Tepi Sawah Bekasi has provided sufficient facilities. Here are the facilities:

|Parking Zone|Toilet|Mushola|Wi-Fi Access|Stop Contact|Bean Bag|Health Protocol Facilities|and others.

Notes on the menu of Setu Rice Field Angkringan, Bekasi

Setu Rice Fields Angkringan

The following are the menus and costs at the latest Angkringan Tepi Sawah Bekasi:

Main course
::Geprek Chicken Orange Leaf Rice 35k
::Serundeng Chicken Telang Flower Rice 35k
::Serundeng Chicken Uduk Rice 35k
::Bali Mixed Rice 35k
::Rice Soup Meat 40k
::Sei Beef Sambal Matah Rice 40k
::Bali Duck Rice Sambal Matah 55k

::Spaghetti/ Mac & Cheese 30k
::Lasagna 35k
::Fries 25k
::Banana Grilled Chocolate Cheese 25k
::Cheese Chocolate Toast 25k
::Steamed Dimsum 35k
::Fried Dumplings 35k
::Chicken Wings 35k
::Fried Ice Cream 30k
::Ice Cream Scope 25k
::Chicken Sambal Kecombang 35k
::Combro 15k
::Cireng Mercon 15k
::Spicy Chicken Cireng 20k
::Cireng Rujak 10k

Assorted Delicious Noodles
::Mie Godok Dewan 30k
::Tomyam Noodle 40k
::Meatball Boiled Egg Noodles 20k
::Mie Goreng Egg Meatballs 20k

Setu Rice Fields Angkringan

lemy ugy

::Ice Taro Latte 20k
::Ice Avocado Latte 20k
::Ice Chocolate Latte 20k
::Assorted Fruit Tea 30k
::Lyche Tea Ice/ Hot 15k
::Lemon Tea Ice/ Hot
:: Lemongrass Tea
::Coffee Milk Palm Sugar
::Mango Yakult
::Blueberry Yakult
::Strawberry Yakult 20k
::Markisa Yakult 20k
::Mint Squash 17k
::Blue Ocean Squash 17k
::Boba Taro 25k
::Boba Avocado 25k
::Chocolate Boba 25k
::Boba Bron 25k
::Boba Dark Choco Cheese 30k
::Hot Coffee 10k
:: Fresh Tea 7k
::Wedang Spices 8k

Setu Rice Fields Angkringan

fahmi hanafi

Typical Angkringan Menu
::Grilled Rice 7k
::Cat Rice 3k
::Lontong Contents 15k
::Chicken Palak 5k
::Chicken Wings 5k
::Chicken claw 5k
::Chicken Skin 3k
::Chicken intestine 3k
::Ati/ Ampela 3k
::Chicken Heart 3k
::Chicken Egg 3k
::Fried 15k

Location of Setu Sawah Edge Angkringan

Setu Rice Fields Angkringan
eloi synaga

Address Angkringan Tepi Sawah Setu is located in the area of ​​Page Sari, Setu, Kab. Bekasi, West Java, my friends. For easy access, because the position is not far from the city center of Bekasi. It is only 18 kilometers away and requires an expedition time of around 41 minutes.

Angkringan Tepi Sawah Operating Hours

Setu Rice Fields Angkringan
Om Edho Channel

Overriding Operational Hours / Opening Hours, Angkringan Tepi Sawah Setu Bekasi is open from 06. 00 – 20.00 WIT every day, my friends.

This is the data related to Angkringan Tepi Sawah in Setu Bekasi, the Latest Suggestions for Hanging Places in Bekasi, View Good. Hopefully useful. Thank you…


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