A Woman with a Giant Belly Who Weighs 15 Kilograms and Keeps Growing

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A Woman with a Giant Belly Who Weighs 15 Kilograms and Keeps Growing

Karogaul.com – When you’re sick, you wish you could go to the doctor and ask him to tell you what’s wrong, give you medicine, and send you home. But what if the doctor doesn’t know what’s wrong with you either? This Chinese woman has a giant belly that has already weighed 19 kilograms and continues to grow, and no one knows what caused it.

Wang Guao Xiang was young, only 34 years old, and in the prime of his life. He has two children and is happy, living in the village of Dashi outside Anchoon City, a rural province. Her husband works in Anchoun and leaves every morning to go to work. Wang is a housewife, taking care of her two children and keeping the house in order. But one day her stomach became a little swollen and sore.

Wang was worried and knew this was not normal, so he visited his doctor. Doctors infected his stomach, wrote a report, and gave him some painkillers that helped control the pain. But the swelling didn’t go away. It got even worse, and every day the lump on the front of his body grew bigger. It must have been scary, because Wang’s stomach seemed to be growing out of control.

At first it looks like she is pregnant, but the swelling continues and gets much bigger. It also looked odd, with a very stretched navel and large dark veins running down the skin. The skin is tight and the underlying tissue feels stiff. Now it hurts more, and every day becomes a struggle for Wang. Of course, he went back to the doctor, but he told him he didn’t know what was wrong.

He went to another doctor in the city and also visited the provincial capital hospital for help. After many tests, the doctors discovered that Wang was actually suffering from a series of illnesses. It turned out that she had liver cirrhosis and ovarian cancer, as well as an abnormal accumulation of fluid in her abdomen and chest. But they couldn’t say what exactly was causing the abnormal swelling in her stomach. Is it a large benign tumor?

A doctor performed surgery to try to remove some of the excess tissue, but after surgery, it all grew back in no time. The problem is that Wang is not a very rich woman. This type of medical intervention is expensive. Therefore, when he did not receive immediate relief for his illness, he also gave up and returned home. It is estimated that the mass of his stomach then reached a weight of about 20 kilograms and is still growing every day.

With her big belly, it is difficult to sleep, move, or care for her husband and children. He could barely bend. Clothing is also a problem, as only the most elastic pants and shirts fit her. He often had to sleep. Sitting and standing is tiring

Wang has always been a short and thin woman. He started to look strange and became more and more worried but since nothing could help him and he had to keep going, he continued with his life and struggled with the huge bulge on the front of his body. Because he can do less and less at home. Her two children, and especially the eldest, a ten year old boy, had to help. Now he does the shopping, brings water and cleans the house.

Ms. Wang’s parents also helped by helping with the daily work and babysitting. This made Wang feel helpless. I used to do my homework very quickly, but now my big belly has affected my normal life, he told the media. It was just a nightmare. This went on for about two years, years too long and very uncomfortable, when suddenly the local newspaper, Urban Daily, learned of Wang’s case.

They decided to send a team of reporters and document the woman’s situation. First it became local news, national news, and suddenly the whole world heard about this woman from China with her big belly. People are shocked. He looked terrible. If she’s not pregnant, what’s wrong with this woman?

Apart from being front page news, Wang also won the sympathy and compassion of many people. They sympathized with him and wanted to help him. And because Wang had admitted in the story that he could not afford the proper treatment he might need, a donation fund was set up to help him. It didn’t take long for the money to come in, and Wang was very grateful. I didn’t expect an ordinary farmer like me to get so much attention from the public, he told a reporter.


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