The Latest Pariban Berastagi Hot Springs: Safe Tourism Without Extortion

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Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

Pic by Nurul Indah Siregar – for slang friends who are looking for alternative vacation spots not only Bali, Bandung, Lombok, or Yogyakarta, Berastagi can be an interesting option to visit for your weekend getaway.

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Because it is not only famous for having cool air and beautiful scenery, slang friends, Berastagi also has a variety of interesting tourist attractions that are a pity to miss. Well, in this post, we want to discuss Pariban Hot Springs.

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

However, before having a dialogue about the hot springs, there is nothing wrong with having a little look at Berastagi, my slang. This is one of the sub-districts located in Karo Regency, North Sumatra. Berastagi is the second largest city in the Karo plains after Kabanjahe City.

Claimed to be the most popular tourist city in North Sumatra, Berastagi offers many vacation spots that are okay, friends, such as Gundaling Hill, Peceren Village, Lumbini Natural Page, Mount Sinabung, to Berastagi Fruit Market.

Pariban Hot Spring Position

Not only the lists above, one of the spots that you shouldn’t skip when visiting Berastagi is Pariban Hot Springs. This natural tourist spot is located at the end of the village of Sidebuk-debuk, my friends. Therefore, it is not surprising that after that this spot is also often referred to as Sidebuk-debuk Hot Spring or Sidebuk-debuk Hot Spring.

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

Located at the base of the foot of Mount Sibayak, it is a pity if the residents of North Sumatra have not had time to visit this place. Pariban Hot Springs itself can be achieved by friends after traveling for about 30 minutes by driving from Berastagi.

Meanwhile, if you depart from Medan City, you need to cover a distance of 58 kilometers or an hour’s drive to arrive at this spot. If you depart from Medan, the intersection leading to Pariban Hot Springs is on the right side of the road.

The Charm and Facilities of Pariban Hot Springs

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

As a natural bathing place, Pariban Hot Springs has a wide area. Not only that, this bathhouse is also equipped with a beautiful natural panorama plus cool air. Therefore, it is not surprising that after that many tourists who come here with the main purpose of relaxation and refreshing slang friends.

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

Not only does it have a wide area and beautiful landscapes, this place also has 5 hot pools with different water temperature levels. Friends hanging out with family or friends can sort out the sensation of the warmth of each swimming pool, one by one. With a cheap ticket price, you can enjoy the warmth of the hot water in this place, while looking at the extraordinary nature around you.

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring
Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

Like other vacation spots, friends, the manager has also equipped Pariban Hot Springs with complete facilities. In addition to hot water pools, in this place there is also a cold water pool or water park that you can use as an arena to play with your family.

Not to be missed, there are spacious and clean huts that can be used for lesehan, gardens, canteens with halal food and drinks, and musala slang for friends.

Well, for visitors who bring their children with them, they can invite their children to see the rabbits that are deliberately left free around the bathing location. Meanwhile, for those who want to test the adrenaline, can try to drive an ATV vehicle on muddy and unstable tracks.

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

According to the manager himself, since it was founded in 2010, Pariban Hot Springs has indeed carried a different concept from other baths which are also located in Sidebuk-debuk Village. Not only as a natural bathing place as in general, but this spot can also be used as a place of recreation.

That said, Pariban Hot Springs became the pioneer of hot water pools combined with game rides and water booms.

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring
Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

According to the narrative of several visitors who have stopped by, Pariban Hot Spring is a cool spot for those who want to unwind. In addition, because it is equipped with amazing natural scenery, this place can also be a suitable location for those who like to take pictures.

As previously reviewed, the price of admission to Pariban Hot Springs is very cheap. The following is a complete breakdown of the price of entrance tickets and rides at Pariban Hot Springs, which we have summarized from various sources.

Pariban Hot Spring Ticket Prices

Tickets and Facilities


Entrance ticket

IDR 10,000 per person

Saung / Pondok Lesehan

IDR 25,000 – IDR 60,000 (according to size)

ATV rental

IDR 25,000 (two rounds)

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

Lodging in Pariban Hot Springs

Then, what about travelers who come from far away and need a place to stay, friends? No need to worry because the manager has also provided lodging facilities around the Pariban Hot Springs location.

With rates starting at IDR 40 thousand per night, slang friends, tourists can already occupy a clean room with adequate facilities.

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

However, if you happen to run out of room, you also don’t need to worry. You can look for other accommodation which is located not far from Sidebuk-debuk Hot Spring.

There are many types of lodging that you can choose from, from homestays, star hotels, to villas. The following is a row of inns near Pariban Hot Springs.

List of Lodging Near Pariban Hot Spring

Lodging Name

Distance to Location

Rates per Night

Kamuna Garden

66 m

From IDR 200,000

Villa Gunung Mas

1.21 km

From IDR 650.000

Hotel Grand Orri Berastagi

2.20 km

From IDR 300,000

Berastagi Highland Villa

2.50 km

From IDR 850.000

Sinabung Hills Berastagi

2.52 km

From IDR 681,000

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring

The list of accommodation rates near Pariban Hot Springs above, we have summarized from various online booking sites, friends. The price of accommodation near Pariban Hot Springs is not binding and can change, depending on the manager’s policy and the date of booking.

So first a brief review of “The Latest Pariban Berastagi Hot Spring: Safe Tour Without Extortion” when are you going to take a hot bath to Berastagi?



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