Parparean Porsea Beach: Enjoying the Beauty of White Sand, Panorama of the Sea and Hills

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Parparean Porsea Beach

Taken by Rima Melati – Not only Parapat and Samosir, Lake Toba also offers cool seaside tours to enjoy the atmosphere, friends.

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The panorama that is presented by the sea on the lake is not inferior to the sea on the seafront. Moreover, the seaside is located in the Lake Toba area. The water does not taste salty. By the way, the seaside white sand is no less charming than the seaside by the sea. As far as the eye can see, you will enjoy the vast expanse of the lake and the towering hilltops.

Location Parparean White Sand Beach.

Parparean White Sand Beach
pic by : instagram/@reynold_gultom

Located in the Lake Toba Caldera zone or area, Porsea is a place that you must visit when you want to vacation with your family. Parparean White Sand Beach is now the only white sand beach tourist destination in Porsea.

This tourist attraction is located in Parparean II Village, Kec. Porsea, Kab. Tobasa, North Sumatra This place is in great demand by tourists to fill their vacation period on the weekends, friends.

Interesting thing Parparean White Sand Beach.

Parparean White Sand Beach
pic by : instagram/@tridev_18

This beach has an area of ​​​​approximately 2.5 hectares with a stretch of fine white sand, plus natural hills that offer super-beautiful natural panoramas, so that the beauty of this seaside is a bit similar to the seaside in Bali. It’s just that this seaside is located on the lake, on the contrary in the Bali Sea.

Oh yes, thanks to its beauty, if you are a lover of Indonesian films, of course you can immediately remember that this Parparean beach is the location where the film “Sang Prawira” was shot, you know, my slang. The film “Sang Prawira” is about someone Mr. Horas (IPDA Dimas Adit S) who wants their children to be rich. The characters in this film are played by police, ministers and regional officials. cool dude…
Exclamations on the White Sand Beach of Parparean.

Parparean White Sand Beach
pic by : instagram/@fenandesantonius

Of course we go on vacation to have fun until we are satisfied. Moreover, his vacation is filled with a variety of fun activities, slang friends. Swimming to enjoy the water from this beach will be very fitting, especially the hot weather. Exclamations to play in the water will make your vacation more fun. Plus when you try Banana Boat.

Now for the matter of playing water, the water waves on this beach are not big. So it’s safe to play water, friends. And for those who bring small children, you should also be wary of friends, slang.

Parparean White Sand Beach
Parparean Porsea Beach
The location of the beach that stretches white sand will be perfect for relaxing enjoying the beach view, and doing some exciting activities with your family. Like playing sand, playing ball, or other fun things to do.

Around Parparean White Sand Beach

Parparean White Sand Beach
Parparean Porsea Beach

This Parparean beach has a wide stretch of white sand. If you want to get around, you can walk while enjoying the wind and the waves at your feet.

Instagenic Photo Spots Parparean White Sand Beach.

Parparean White Sand Beach
pic by : instagram/@christiesiahaan

In addition to the enchanting beauty of the beach, Parparean White Sand Beach has a variety of insatagenic photo spots for us to enjoy, you know, friends. No need to pay to take pictures in such a cool and unique place. Cool photo spots to capture will make you feel more at home for a long time.

Evening More Beautiful Parparean White Sand Beach.

Parparean White Sand Beach
pic by : instagram/@dimasmunandar
The longer the more comfortable to linger. In the afternoon, Parparean Beach is even more beautiful to look at, accompanied by the sound of the waves and the breeze approaching us. For slang friends who come with your partner to the beach, I suggest don’t forget to enjoy the Sunset moment in this place.

Sitting alone on the beach, while enjoying the serenity of the afternoon transition to night, slang friends. The beauty of the color of the sky slowly turning orange to reddish surrounds this place, it will be very fitting and romantic if you enjoy this twilight moment with your partner slang.

Price of admission Parparean White Sand Beach.

Parparean White Sand Beach
pic by : evi manalu

The cost of a vacation ticket to Parparean Beach does not drain your wallet. Buddy slang enough to prepare a budget of Rp. 3,000 for parking fees. But if you want to enjoy delicious food here, you need to spend from IDR 10,000

Facility Parparean White Sand Beach.

The facilities for the convenience of this tour are very good. There are a number of facilities that can make tourists comfortable while on vacation to this beach. The facilities are complete and very well maintained, among others.

-Flower garden
-Spot Photo
-Culinary house
-Water Bike
-Jet Ski
-Jogging Track
-Landmark Gorga
-Parking Yard
-Public toilet.

Parparean White Sand Beach

Parparean Porsea Beach

Route To Location Parparean White Sand Beach.

If you want to take a vacation to this beach, slang buddy. I suggest coming in the afternoon and evening so that the weather is not too extreme in the middle of the day. To get to the destination of this location, you can go to the TOBASA Hospital.

After arriving around the TOBASA Hospital, you just go straight for about 100 meters, turn right. Just follow the straight road, it doesn’t take long for you to arrive at the Parparean White Sand Beach. For transportation, you can use 4-wheeled and 2-wheeled vehicles to get to this place. Transportation for large transportation, such as buses can also get to this attraction…..

That’s a brief review of “Parparean White Sand Beach: 10 Insatagenic Portraits of Seaside View Sensai” When did you guys visit here?


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