Mursala Island Waterfall: Enjoying the Beauty of a Curug that Directly empties into the Sea

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Mursala Island Waterfall

Photo from Fahrul Rozi

Read More – Mursala Island Waterfall is located off the coast of Sibolga which is surrounded by the Indian Ocean. Some sources say that this island became popular because it was once a shooting location for the Hollywood film King Kong, you know, slang.

mursala island waterfall
Photo via Jelajahsumut

Despite the truth of that claim, this island does have a uniqueness that is second to none, slang! The nature is pristine and the biological diversity of the seabed is extraordinary. Want to meet Nemo, the clown fish in Finding Nemo? You can find it here.

Of course, interesting things like this can be explored here, friends, when are you going to be able to see Nemo directly, who can swim here. and this view will refresh the mind that has been burdening your head due to your daily routine.
mursala island waterfall
Photo via Arieritonga

Visit the island’s most popular uniqueness: a waterfall that empties directly into the sea. the sea past the reddish granite cliffs on the edge of the island. The height of the cliff is approximately 35 m. Very charming and amazing slang buddy.

mursala island waterfall
Photo via Binosii

We recommend leaving in the morning and returning to Sibolga in the afternoon, friends, because it is not possible to spend the night on this island.

Mursala Island
Photo via Akhirsiregar59

Mursala Island Waterfall
Price: Rp1. 500. 000 (wooden boat rental), Rp. 2. 500. 000, – (speedboat rental).
Address: Tapian Nauli, Central Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra.
Getting There: Come to the rental of wooden boats or speedboats on Bosur Beach or Group Beach to visit Mursala Island. Travel time to the island is approximately 3 hours by wooden boat or 1 hour by speedboat. Another option is to explore a minicruise from Naulicruise.

Photo Gallery Mursala Island Waterfall

mursala island waterfall
Fahrul Rozi

With views of the vast expanse of the sea and views of hills and green trees that refresh the eyes, it will make your slang friends feel at home for a long time here to express and take photos at will with a very pleasant heart feeling.

Coupled with a variety of adequate facilities to carry out various tourist activities that you will do. Of course this will make your slang friend’s weekend vacation more quality and have the impression and meaning that your slang friends will take home later.

mursala island waterfall
pic via red and white

mursala island waterfall
pic via merdeka

A few short reviews about “Mursala Island Waterfall: Enjoying the Beauty of a Curug that Directly empties into the Sea: are you interested in visiting this beautiful and exotic tour?


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