Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor: Tourist Destinations That Are More Hits Among Millennials

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Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor

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Karogaul.com – So many natural tourist destinations in Bogor, slang friends. Not inferior to other regions, Bogor has many popular tourist destinations among tourists. One of them is Ciseeng Bogor Hot Springs.

The Tirta Sanita Ciseeng baths are precisely located on the Cogreng Line, Bojong Indah Village, Kec. Parung, Kab. Bogor. The adventure from Jakarta via the Jagorawi toll road takes about 1.5 hours. Another access from the Jakarta-Bogor route is via Cibinong, my friends.

Some of the small adjoining ponds are round like tubs. This is not an artificial pond, but created naturally on a limestone hill.

Hot water attractions are perfect for relaxing muscles. Yes, even though there is a large hot tub, slang, hot springs are not for swimming, tourists are just soaking a drowning body.

Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by Ahlak Karimah

Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor

Address: Jl. Raya Ciseeng, Bojong Indah, Kec. Parung, Bogor Regency, West Java

Hours: 7AM–5PM WIB

Entrance Ticket: 15 thousand

Most pools are large or large enough to accommodate many people, but some are more private for a bathroom. Private swimming pools are generally synonymous with hot springs or commonly called onsen in Japan.

You don’t need to look further into Japan, my slang. Indonesia is a country with the most volcanoes in the world. Hot springs are one of the gifts that Indonesia has because of the volcano. Hot springs can be found in almost all parts of Indonesia.

Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by Desi Purnamasari

Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by Muhammad Badrushshalih

The Ciseeng hot spring is just one of several hot springs in the West Java area. The Tirta Sanita Bogor hot spring is very unique with the formation of a natural pool in an open zone.

Its existence is located on a hill to increase its beauty. The natural panorama to the rice fields also makes this place feel different.

Ciseeng hot spring is located on a limestone hill. The hill is covered in white structure with a unique shape. This arrangement is sulfur that has frozen.

Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor

Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor

There are several forms of pools ranging from small dimensions to large ones that can accommodate many people. You just have to choose. If you want to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a hot tub, and enjoy a beautiful natural atmosphere, Ciseeng hot spring can be an option.

No need to go abroad, there are many tourist attractions in Indonesia that are not inferior to other countries, it’s just a matter of how we enjoy them and of course how we take care of them.

Facilities at Tirta Sanita Ciseeng

Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor
Photo by cariwan iwan

Tirta Sanita Ciseeng also provides closed baths in the form of cubicles. Divided into 2 is the regular type and the VIP type which is intended for one person only.

Not only bathing in hot water and enjoying the natural scenery, here is also an outbound place. The rides are also complete with high rope, water ball, flying fox, motor cross, water bike, fancy trans and monorail. Not to forget there are ATV motorbikes, paintball, Baon houses, planes, bombom cars, children’s pools and fish treatment.

Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by Thecute Wild

Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor

Photo by Uchax Live Channel

Because the location of this hot spring is in the countryside, tourists will find it a little difficult to find lodging or hotels nearby. If you really want to find lodging, you should look along the Parung Highway. For restaurants or restaurants can be found near the baths. The parking zone provided is quite wide, my friend, slang.

So many reviews and signkat explanations about “Tirta Sanita Hot Springs Bogor: Tourist Destinations That Are More Hits Among Millennials” when are you guys taking a hot bath here?


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