Blue Lagoon Jogja Baths: The water is clear like glass and just right for refreshing the body

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Jogja Blue Lagoon Baths

Read More – The Blue Lagoon Jogja bath is one of the most visited natural tourist spots because of the beauty of the tourist spots, friends. The Blue Lagoon Bathing water tourism destination itself has become very popular in Jogja and has become a famous tourist spot in Jogja, my friends.

This tour is one of the hidden paradises in Jogja, my friends, where this tour presents natural attractions in the form of a river with crystal clear water like mineral water, so slang. The water is clear and deep enough to reflect a charming bluish color.

Jogja Blue Lagoon Baths

Muhammad Nasiruddin

No need to worry that the Blue Lagoon Jogja Baths are as expensive as the Blue Lagoon Iceland Baths, which are Iceland’s exclusive tours. Because tourist destinations in Jogja have been very popular with pocket-friendly and affordable tours.

If you plan to have recreation in Sendang Biru Jogja, this one is a slang buddy. The following is a short discussion of the Blue Lagoon Jogja Baths that you can use as a reference for an exciting vacation in Jogja.

Entrance Ticket Prices for Blue Lagoon Baths in Jogja

Jogja Blue Lagoon Baths
Says Shukron

You can also enjoy cheap Jogja tours when you visit the Blue Lagoon Baths of Jogja. Because to enjoy the beauty that is served by this place, you only need to pay an entrance ticket of Rp. 10. 000/ person slang buddy.

On the other hand, the additional payment that you must pay at the Blue Lagoon Jogja Bath is a tourist parking levy of Rp. 3,000 for motorbikes and Rp. 5,000 for the car, slang buddy. With the ticket price above, you have received a bonus lemon tea on every tourist visit.

The Blue Lagoon Bathing tourist spot is open every day starting from 08.00-17.00 Wib. So you are free to visit anytime during your vacation in Jogja, friends. (The price of admission to the Blue Lagoon Baths and tourist parking fees can change at any time).

Address and Route Location of the Blue Lagoon Jogja

Jogja Blue Lagoon Baths
Kuncara Tatra

To visit the Blue Lagoon Jogja Baths, you don’t want to feel difficult because the location is very easy for you to visit, friends.

The position of the Blue Lagoon Jogja Baths itself is located in the Sawah Zone, Widodomartani, Kec. Ngemplak, Kab. Sleman, Yogyakarta. Located approximately 18 kilometers from downtown Jogja, you can visit it with a travel time of 40 minutes by vehicle.

When you want to visit the Blue Lagoon Baths of Jogja but are confused about the best route that you must take. Here’s a map of positions that you can access to make your travel adventures easier in Jogja.

Blue Lagoon Jogja Bathing Facilities

Jogja Blue Lagoon Baths
cimed pentagon

To get the desired vacation quality when on vacation in Jogja. Here are the tourist facilities that you can enjoy while on vacation at the Blue Lagoon Jogja Baths with your family and friends:

::Tourist parking zone
::Deposit counter
::Food stalls
::Lodging/ homestay
::Swimming and diving equipment rental
::Spot photos

Enjoy and feel an exciting and exciting sightseeing vacation in Jogja by visiting the Blue Lagoon Jogja Baths with your loved ones.

Tourist Spots in Jogja Blue Lagoon Baths

Jogja Blue Lagoon Baths
Saktiwi Bw

There are several exciting activities that you can do while on vacation at the Blue Lagoon such as swimming, diving, freefall and many more slang friends.

Exciting activities and in fact unforgettable when you vacation at Blue Lagoon Jogjakarta with your beloved family.

Best time to visit Blue Lagoon Jogja

Jogja Blue Lagoon Baths
Educate Drones Jogja

When a slang friend wants to enjoy a tour of the Blue Lagoon Baths of Jogja with a cool and calming tourist atmosphere. Visit on weekdays, friends, because at the end of the week this one tourist attraction will be filled with slang drug tourists.

Arrive in the morning to feel the fresh atmosphere of the Blue Lagoon Bathing water which is clear like crystal. Feelings of boredom and tiredness and boredom will disappear suddenly when your body has plunged into a pool with cold water at the Blue Lagoon Baths, Jogja slang.

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