The Latest Bogor Botanical Gardens: Feel the Fresh Cool Air in a Very Wide Garden

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The Latest Bogor Botanical Gardens
– Bogor Botanical Gardens Tourism is one of the icons of Bogor City tourist destinations which is indeed worthy of being the most popular tourist destination, friends. In addition to being spacious, the green and beautiful environment houses thousands of collections of plants and flowers. Instead the area is divided into several zones of courtyards such as mexico courtyards, museums etc.

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Not only that, there are also several museums such as the Zoological Museum that store various types of animal fossils. Both marine animals, mammals, to various types of birds are here. With a zone area of ​​at least 87 hectares, it is very safe as a family outing zone.

Activities at Bogor Botanical Gardens

The Latest Bogor Botanical Gardens

There are many interesting activities that you can try, some of which include:

Zoological Museum
Not only the wide courtyard zone, KRB has a unique museum, slang. This is the Zoological Museum, guys. In this museum there are various collections of skeletons or animals that have been sculpted because they were preserved. The animals occupy display boxes in the form of a kind of aquarium.

The Latest Bogor Botanical Gardens

Azzahra Nella Isyana

Not only land animals but also marine animals and amphibians are also available. The next thing that is very interesting at the Bogor Zoological Museum is that there is a whale skeleton that is more than 10 m long.

Enjoying Various Plants
As long as it is located in the courtyard area, don’t miss the collection of thousands of flowers and plants.

The Latest Bogor Botanical Gardens


From here, tourists can understand a lot of plants. Moreover, each plant has a label. So that tourists can recognize the names of plants and plants located in the Botanical Gardens.

Relax By the Lake
As long as the botanical garden is located, it is very delicious to relax on the small lake inside this botanical garden, my friend. It is located directly facing the Bogor Palace. So you can sit back and relax while enjoying the Bogor Palace gardens.

The Latest Bogor Botanical Gardens

Orange Moon

Coupled with shady trees that surround the lake. To raise a more relaxing relaxed atmosphere.

In the courtyard zone, you can also do sports ranging from jogging to cycling around existing tracks, of course very healthy. Not only the body but also the eyes will feel fresh with the green plants slang.

If you are hungry, just go to the Grand Garden Cafe, which was previously called the leaf cafe, your slang. The location is still in the garden zone.

Bogor Botanical Garden Facilities

The Latest Bogor Botanical Gardens

As the largest yard and garden in Bogor, the botanical garden provides complete facilities, friends. Starting from the parking area for both cars and motorbikes. After that there are pedestrian streets that can be used by pedestrians and cyclists. Next there are restaurants, museums, lounge chairs at the base of plants, and clean toilets.

Bogor Botanical Gardens Address and Position

The Latest Bogor Botanical Gardens
ikrim kharis munandar

The botanical garden is located in the middle of the city of Bogor. Precisely located on Jalan. Ir. Haji Juanda Number. 13, Paledang, Central Bogor, Bogor City, West Java 16122. If using a private vehicle, exit the Jagorawi toll road, turn right. The position of the entrance to the botanical garden is approximately 2 kilometers.

That’s a short review about “The Latest Bogor Botanical Gardens: Feeling the Fresh Cool Air in a Very Wide Garden” If you are hanging out visiting or sightseeing in this rainy city, don’t forget to stop at the Bogor Botanical Gardens, OK.


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