The Cool Natural Baths of Pas Siantar: The Excitement of Swimming and Dipping in the Large Pool with Beautiful Cool Air

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Cool Natural Baths Pas Siantar

We call it Siantar. Siantar is one of the districts that is famous for its cool tourist destinations. There is also one tourist destination that you can find in Siantar, namely the Sejuk Pas Natural Bath. This Pas Siantar Cool Natural Bath has a certain charm and is different from the natural baths in general.

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With the cool air, it is certain that you will feel at home for long in the Cool Natural Baths, this is a slang friend. The cool thing is, the access route to the Sejuk Pas Natural Baths is fairly easy for slang friends to pass.

Buddy slang can use a 2-wheeled or 4-wheeled vehicle when you want to travel to this Pas Cool Natural Bath. It’s just that, make sure you explore the right route. For more details, you just follow the complete news about the Siantar Cool Natural Baths below, friends, slang.

PAS Cool Natural Baths
Location: Dolok Hataran, Siantar, Dolok Hataran, Kec. Siantar, Simalungun Regency, North Sumatra
Opening hours: 8AM–6PM W
Htm: Rp. 2,000
Parking : Rp. 1,000

The Attraction of Siantar Pas Cool Natural Baths

Photo by rif ai

The fresh flow of Cool Natural Bathing water (PAS) comes from natural springs that are very clear and very refreshing. Not only has the water so clear, the Natural Sejuk Pas also offers natural beauty that is still beautiful and beautiful.

Slang friends can see the shady and green trees that are near the position of the Cool Pas Nature Bath. Apart from that, Sejuk Pas Natural Baths also provide various sports tours that challenge the adrenaline of friends. There is also one of the sports tours at the Sejuk Pas Natural Baths, namely the flying fox. Cool isn’t it?

Cool Natural Baths Pas Siantar

Photo by Eaz

Even though it’s quite extreme, you don’t need to be afraid or even worry about trying. The reason is, you will later be led by a reliable guide. Therefore, your safety will be maintained. When you visit the Sejuk Pas Natural Baths, you shouldn’t forget this flying fox exercise tour, friends.

This flying fox facility can not only be tried by adults, but also children. This Pas Sejuk Natural Bath can indeed be chosen to be the most popular family tourist spot.

Location and Route of Siantar Cool Natural Baths

Cool Natural Baths Pas Siantar
Photo by Endyka Suwandany

This Sejuk Pas Natural Bath is located in Dolok Hataran, Kec. Siantar, Kab. Simalungun, North Sumatra. The position of the Sejuk Pas Natural Bath is approximately 2 kilometers from the center of Pematang Siantar.

For slang friends who want to go to the Cool Pas Natural Baths, you can see the guide boards that are often plastered on the streets of slang. You have to be extra careful in looking at the signposts to the Cool Natural Baths so you don’t go the wrong way.

Cool Natural Baths Pas Siantar

Photo by Natalia Barutu

When taking a field trip, you can use a motorbike or car. You will later pass through an oil palm plantation with a path that is quite difficult to pass. You are required to always be on guard.

It doesn’t take long, you have arrived at the Sejuk Pas Natural Baths. Your tiredness throughout the adventure will pay off when you splash in swimming in the Cool Natural Baths. Your body and mind will feel more relaxed in fact.

Siantar Cool Natural Baths Entrance Fee

Cool Natural Baths Pas Siantar
Photo by wasis no

To be able to explore the beautiful Natural Baths tourist area, you need to pay an entrance ticket at a rate of Rp. 2,000. As for the parking fee, you only need to pay Rp. 1. 000 only slang friend. This Sejuk Pas Natural Baths tourist destination is always crowded with tourists, especially on weekends and holiday periods.

Tourists who arrive are also not only local tourists, but also foreign tourists. For those of you who want a quiet atmosphere, it’s a good idea to visit the Sejuk Pas Natural Baths on ordinary days, slang.

So many reviews about “Pas Siantar Cool Natural Baths: The Fun of Swimming and Splashing in the Big Pool with Cool and Beautiful Air” when are you hanging out with friends playing in Siantar to splash your body into this cool pool?


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