10 Most Romantic Prewedding Places in Indonesia: The nuances are similar to overseas

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10 Most Romantic Pre-wedding Places in Indonesia: The nuances are similar to overseas

Karogaul.com – If you are asked to sort out the location of the “epic” wedding pictures in Indonesia, the first place that comes to mind is Bali, right, my slang.

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But do you know that there are still many other cool and dramatic locations in Indonesia for pre-wedding photo shoots that exceed the beauty of the beaches in Bali?

Imagine mystical rocks, charming tropical waterfalls, or a beautiful panoramic view of the valley while you are standing tightly hugging your girlfriend in a charming and elegant wedding dress.

Ready to explore these places?

1. Wander through the mystical forest & Mining remnants: Pelalangan Hill (Madura)

Imagine a limestone formation with a golden brown pattern located in the midst of shady green trees and cool friends. Close to the port city of Surabaya, Pelalangan Hill could be the perfect spot for a pre-wedding photo shoot, my friends!

Pelalangan Hill (Madura)
Photo by: Chrysalis Photoville

Pelalangan Hill (Madura)
Photo by: Chrysalis Photoville

Pelalangan Hill
Location: Buduran, Arosbaya, Buduran, Bangkalan, Bangkalan Regency, East Java 69151.
Operating Hours: 06.00–17.00(Daily)
Entrance Ticket: Parking fee. 2-wheeled vehicle Rp3. 000, – and 4-wheeled vehicles Rp.20. 000,-

2. Exotic lake in limestone quarry: Jaddih Limestone Hill, Bangkalan (Madura)

Maybe you didn’t have time to think about taking pre-wedding pictures at the limestone quarry. And even though it sounds like a strange choice, it is certain that you will not regret this one landscape!

Jaddih Limestone Hill, Bangkalan (Madura)
Photo by: Danielpradana

This pale white and parchment-like stone relief was created by mining limestone. Surrounded by a green landscape like a savanna, the result is a unique blend of natural elements.

Jaddih Limestone Hill, Bangkalan (Madura)
Photo by: On3photo

Buddy slang can also see the panorama of the vast natural lake with pale turquoise blue and also an artificial swimming pool.

Jaddih Limestone Hill, Bangkalan (Madura)
Photo by: Chrysalis Photoville

Jaddih Hill Bangkalan
Location: Plalangan Madura, Buduran, Arosbaya, Bangkalan Regency, East Java 69151.
Operating Hours: 06.00–17.00(Daily)
Price: Parking fee. 2-wheeled vehicle Rp5. 000, – and 4-wheeled vehicles Rp10. 000,-

3. White sandy seaside and clear sea water: Belitung Island

Belitung Island
Photo by: Cheesenclick

This group of islands off the coast of Sumatra is famous for its crystal clear sea water and soft white sand. So don’t be surprised if it becomes a target position for an unforgettable pre-wedding photo shoot.

Belitung Island
Photo by: Mariophotoworks

What’s better than walking along the seaside and dipping your feet in the clear and fresh sea water with your future husband or wife?

Belitung Island
Photo by: Belitungprewedding, Axioo

Belitung Island
Photo by: Belitungprewedding, idophotoworks

Belitung Island
Location: Belitung Island, Bangka-Belitung Province.

4. Step into a charming hideaway: Bangkang Cave in Lombok

In the cave? Sounds like a weird inspiration for a pre-wedding photoshoot!

Bangkang Cave in Lombok
Photo by: Igwans

But as soon as you enter this large cave, the rays of sunlight that burst between the stalactites, stalagmites and small gaps in the cave chamber will make the atmosphere in it more dramatic.

Bangkang Cave in Lombok
Photo by: Camiopictures

The naturally created cave chamber, the sun’s rays, and the rocky floor combine to create a spectacular backdrop for the picture.

Bangkang Cave
Location: Bangkang Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok Regency, NTB.

5. No need to go to America to be photographed in the ‘Grand Canyon’: Brown Canyon (Semarang)

This dusty-rose-style canyon is a must-visit if you are traveling to Semarang – especially if the goal is to do a pre-wedding photo shoot!

Brown Canyon (Semarang)
Photo by: Fietpatra

Decorated with greenery here and there, it’s no wonder that this majestic rock formation is a unique natural scenery and perfect for pre-wedding photo shoots. Anyway, it’s the same as the Grand Canyon, which is in America, slang.

Brown Canyon (Semarang)
Photo by: Alvin Photography

Tips & Warnings A white or ivory patterned dress will look amazing when paired with the natural motifs in this position!

Brown Canyon (Semarang)
Photo by: Alekwimo

Brown Canyon
Location: Rowosari, Meteseh, Tembalang, Semarang City, Central Java 50279

6. Tropical hideaway with water curtains: Benang Kelambu Waterfall (Lombok)

For water lovers, this place is a slang buddy’s paradise. Benang Kelambu Waterfall is located in a green and productive remote location, and tucked away from the crowds of slang friends.

Yarn Netting Waterfall (Lombok)
Photo by: Eka_riska

Close your eyes slang and listen to the roar of the sound of the waterfall flowing so fast. Its location which is located in the middle of a green expanse of leafy wilderness like a gem makes it so perfect for a companion who is looking for a wild atmosphere.

Yarn Netting Waterfall (Lombok)
Photo by: Benedictuslee

Yarn Netting Waterfall
Location: Aik Berik Village, Central Lombok Regency, South Foot of Mount Rinjani, Praya, Lombok
Phone: 0813 3960 4604
Operating Hours: 07. 00– 18.00 (Week–Saturday)

7.’ Pyramids’ by the sea: Semeti Beach (Lombok)

Semeti Beach (Lombok)
Photo by: Eclairs Photography

Surrounded by layers of rock in the form of a pyramid – just like the basalt rocks found in the Scottish Islands, this wild and bold landscape is set for a special shooting position, different from the usual seaside scenery.

Semeti Beach (Lombok)
Photo by: Rickynikita

Stay until sunset to get a reddish-orange twilight background for a more dramatic effect, my friends!

Semeti Beach (Lombok)
Photo by: Wisputra

Semeti seaside
Location: Prabu, Pujut, Lombok Regency, NTB 83572.

8. A serene atmosphere in a serene seaside bay: Batu Payung in Tanjung Aan (Lombok)

Quiet and away from the crowds, this incredible white sandy seaside is located in a bay that has clear blue water and calm.

Umbrella Stone at Tanjung Aan (Lombok)
Photo by: Bali Pixtura

Across the waters, you will find green hills that look very contrasting with the blue and clear sea water.

Umbrella Stone at Tanjung Aan (Lombok)
Photo by: Lombokwedding

There is no better place to celebrate the joy of pre-wedding, friends, not only on this secluded tropical seaside, friends.

Umbrella Stone at Tanjung Aan (Lombok)
Photo by: Okkymegakurnia

Umbrella Stone at Tanjung Aan

Location: Kuta, Pujut, Central Lombok Regency, NTB

9. Extensive green hills: Pergasingan Hill (Lombok)

A companion who likes adventure with slang friends, so that he will always be with slang friends!

Pergasingan Hill is a hiking area with winding terrain and extraordinary natural scenery of Lombok.

Pergasingan Hill (Lombok)
Photo Via: Rickynikita

Imagine the endless view of the sky, my friends, the natural panorama of the expanse of green rice fields and vast trees, and the people you really love, right next to your friends.

This is just a pre-wedding moment that will always be remembered.

Pergasingan Hill
Location: Sembalun Lawang, Sembalun, East Lombok Regency, NTB 83656.
Contact: 0818 0579 1762
Price: IDR 10,000,-

10. Steep rocks with fantastic backdrops: Stone Garden (Bandung)

Imagine your slang is located on a hillside surrounded by rocks  steep and amazing views of the mountains and Bandung.

Stone Garden (Bandung)
Photo by: Yudhasadewapratama

Stone Garden (Bandung)
Photo by: Memowedding

To add more touch to your photo shoot, come at sunrise or sunset, friends!

Stone Garden (Bandung)
Photo by: inpairsphoto

Stone Garden Citatah
Location: Citatah, Padalarang, Gunungmasigit, Cipatat, West Bandung Regency, West Java 40554.
Entrance Ticket: IDR 10,000,-

That’s a brief review of “The 10 Most Romantic Prewedding Places in Indonesia: The Feel Is Similar to Overseas” for slang friends who are still single and want to get married, hopefully this article can help!


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