Waikabubak Sumba Village Tour: Seeing Local Women Weaving Places to Put Rice

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Waikabubak Sumba

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Karogaul.com – Seeing local women weaving rice paddies in Waikabubak village. This village is the largest city and the gateway to the wild West Sumba.

The weather here is cooler than on the seaside, and almost every forested hill is home to traditional villages. You should hire a local guide who can explain to you about the history and culture of this unique area.

Waikabubak Sumba
Taken by Novicaprivate

When here, ask the guide to take you to art shops and houses where women weave traditional containers for storing rice. These baskets appear in various dimensions. Moreover, the largest size is 5 people who are stretching their hands, slang! This container is made from Melinjo fiber, the seeds of which can also be used as chips.

Waikabubak Sumba
Taken by Dwiellisyati

Waikabubak Sumba
Taken by Gilang_Boban

How to get there: Drive to Waikabubak City. From here, Tarung Village and the surrounding villages – Waitabar Village, Bodo Ede Village, Tambelar and Elu Village can be reached on foot.

Learn to weave traditional ikat

In a traditional village like Kampung Tarung, you can make local women weave beautiful fabrics which can take up to a year to complete. Clothes made of ikat are usually worn at meaningful ceremonies to show one’s social status. Sumba has unique ikat alterations, most of which depict animals and tribal designs.

Waikabubak Sumba
Taken by Magazinebinoculars

Ikat is a weaving style that uses the process of dyeing yarn to weave by tying it before being dyed in a dye solution. In Sumba, this dyeing method usually uses local plant materials such as Kombu and Indigo, and other mineral materials.

Ask a guide to take you there or if you want, you can also learn to weave ikat at a workshop held by local people.

Waikabubak Sumba
Taken by Danesvaraaditya, Ajengkarinasari

Waikabubak Sumba
Taken by Josajah, Adityaindi

How to get there: Kampung Tarung (together with Waitabar) is located on a tourist village road which can be used as an excursion package by travel agents. This village can be reached and found on foot from Waikabubak.

Thus a brief explanation of “Wikabubak Village Tourism: Seeing Local Women Weaving Places to Put Rice” how slang friends must be excited if you travel here to enjoy the traditional culture that is still thick in this village. Happy holidays ya. . .


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