D’Dieuland Dago Bandung: A Charming and Enchanting Family Vacation Tour

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Dieuland Bandung

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Karogaul.com – Bandung tourism is never boring to visit. Even though we have been there many times, we feel that there is always something new that can be enjoyed here, friends.

One of them is a new place to enjoy the cool mountain air of Bandung, namely D’ Dieuland.

Derived from the word “di dieu” which in Sundanese means “here”. Yes, this is where you can enjoy the natural charm of the city of Bandung which is surrounded by mountains. This is where you can take a break from the boring daily routine of slang. In this new category of rides, you can spend time with your loved ones.

Not only that, you can enjoy this place for only 10 thousand. Yes, for a place as beautiful as this, the tickets are very cheap. Incredible and only found in D’ Dieuland.

Curious what can be tried there? Let’s follow together slang buddy!

1. Visit and dine in a medieval European castle a la Disneyland

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by lia_pattula

Disney cartoon fan? Of course you have a dream to visit Disneyland and be photographed in front of the castle or palace that is found in every Disneyland in the world, slang.

If the savings for traveling abroad are not enough, just go to Bandung, my friends! Yes, now you too can be photographed against the backdrop of a European-style medieval castle here.

From a distance, this castle with a pointed conical roof has really stolen the attention of slang friends. Plus the cool air and the background of the blue sky and the green trees around it, at a glance, even less will make you remember less about being in Pasundan Land.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by ciafebri, olivia. averina

This place is actually a restaurant in the area near D’ Dieuland called Dago Bakery Punclut. Although the name uses the word “bakery”, this place also sells a variety of other light meals, heavy meals, and various drink options.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by mery_pier

So … who knows here you will meet the girl or prince of dreams.

Dago Bakery Punclut
Location : Punclut Integrated Tourism Area, Jalan. Pagermaneuh Number. 57, Bandung
Opening hours: 09.00-21.00(Weekdays), 08.00–23.00(Weekends)
Price: Main courses start from IDR 25. 000

2. Day or night enjoy the cool fresh air with a panoramic view of the valley and mountains

Bandung, which is surrounded by mountains, makes the air feel cold and cool. This is also what makes Bandung popular as a place for resting – just relaxing after a busy schedule with daily routines.

Dieuland Bandung

Photo by yolandagobel69

Well, in D’ Dieuland, you can feel the cool fresh air of the mountains with your loved ones, slang friends. Feel the cool breeze of the mountains that greet the body. So, I really want to linger here.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by keila_zoey, nopiindriani

You should wear suitable clothes because it is cold in here. Don’t want it if you can’t even enjoy the freshness of the air here because it’s cold?

Not only is it beautiful during the day, my friends, D’ Dieuland is actually pretty cool when night comes and the lights are on, guys!

3. Relax on the “swing” while being pampered by the panoramic view of the city in the distance

Enjoying the natural panorama while lying down or sitting relaxed, friend? Ah, that’s normal! If you want to try to be grateful for the extraordinary gifts of nature with unusual methods, you can make it happen in one of the corners of D’ Dieuland, friends.

Yes, not only provide ordinary chairs, here you can relax on the hanging sofa like a swing while looking at the beautiful green scenery in the distance, my friends.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by udaaaay

Even better, each hanging sofa is equipped with colorful pillow decorations that actually make the atmosphere even more cozy! Coupled with the cool breeze, my friends, get ready to be lazy all day here!

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by deny. hardy- 2

4. Conquer worry by walking down the skywalk

The condition of the land with the contours shrinking to match the slopes of the slang, made the owner of this place outsmart him by making skywalks or colorful bridges to connect one position to another.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by warmanwardhani, addict. shrimp crisp

For slang friends who are worried about heights, walking down the D’ Dieuland skywalk will definitely feel very stressful, slang friends, because this skywalk is very large, which is close to 10 m above ground level.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by yoenyunus28, sri. rahayu2988

How about it, ready to conquer it, slang buddy?

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by sri. rahayu2988

5. Spot Instagrammable pictures everywhere

Today, it doesn’t feel complete if you go for a walk without being photographed. Portraits and being on social media have become the primary needs of today’s children. Again and again, this is where, when in D’ Dieuland you will be spoiled by the tour which is packed with lots of charming picture spots. We believe, your phone and camera memory will be full when you come back from here.

There is a selfie spot in the style of an eagle with a wing statue that makes you feel as if you are winged and ready to fly. There is also a page-shaped image spot with 2 heart symbols that are suitable for pictures of the two companions.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by deny. hardy

Want something more modern and more colorful? Don’t miss the opportunity to be photographed in the colorful traditional umbrella zone, my friends, the cheerful lanterns that are even cooler at night or the graffiti wall filled with creative and humorous doodles in Sundanese, my friends!

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by dwimaryati

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by eka. raisha, deny. hardy

6. Spin as hard as you can on the Gyroscope Flywheel

Want to try a game that really challenges your adrenaline? It’s a good idea to try the Gyroscope Flywheel game ride. Gryroscope Flywheel is a motion detection equipment that is based on gravity. It looks like a roundabout with 2 opposite sofas in it, my friend, slang.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by Tribun- Jabar

This game will take you around and around as hard and as long as possible to reach 180 degrees. Although this game is still in place, but the tension is not inferior to a roller coaster. So, if you’re a coward, don’t try it, sonbat slang, because it makes you nervous!

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by YourBandung

Don’t be afraid of security, because there are officers who protect and this vehicle is also equipped with standard safety equipment such as helmets and seat belts.

So, ready to play around?

7. Cool perched on the roof of a parked bus

Hah? It’s not wrong, is it really not going to be scolded by the bus owner?

Calm down, because this bus is planned to be provided as a spot to enjoy the green natural scenery without restrictions. What you need to do is just get into the bus and see the natural scenery from the bus window, or if you don’t worry about the height, just go up the stairs provided to get to the roof of the bus.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by kangdaniel1122

Very unique, huh?

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by fitriani. anggi

8. Let your little one play to their heart’s content

There is nothing more exciting than just chatting with your little one. The time with the little one is so precious and it’s a shame to pass it up.

Who doesn’t like Bath Balls? We guarantee that not only children, you will also be happy. At D’ Dieuland, you can invite your little ones to take a ball bath, friends. Of course, your child will not remember the time and will not want to leave this vehicle.

Not only that, also invite your child to drown in the sea of ​​​​cool cubes, slang. Almost like a ball bath, the difference is that the balls are replaced with soft, dark and pink colored cubes and a trampoline-like mattress where they can jump around with fun.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by eka. raisha, fitriwedding

No need to be afraid of security. There are officers who continue to monitor the movements of the little one here.

Dieuland Bandung

D’Dieuland Dago Bandung

Dieuland Bandung

D’Dieuland Dago Bandung

Oh yes, there is also an art activity class here. So, what are you waiting for, slang buddy?

9. The thrill of outbound at night

Starting from children to many old people who like this adventurous activity. Not only training yourself to dare to experience challenges, outbound is also full of fun and excitement, especially if you try it with your loved ones.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by sofia_octavianti

D’ Dieuland presents an outbound sensation which can be said to be quite different from the general slang. Come on, outbound activities

Buddy slang will be presented by views that are second to none, slang friends. While outbound, you can also enjoy the view of the green shady hills and the city of Bandung from a distance. Once outbound, one or two natural panoramas are missed.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by yoswirawan

You arrived at night? Relax, you can still do outbound. Yes, only here you can enjoy the outbound atmosphere at night, slang friends. In fact more challenging because black and the atmosphere is also different.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by raynwijaya26

Try looking at the natural panorama up close. Incredibly beautiful, the glittering city of Bandung from a distance is so beautiful to be stared at by slang friends.

10. Play water in the “river” with the baby

Who here likes to play with water, friends? So, we think you all like it. Getting wet, splashing, punctuated by the joy of laughter, friends, slang, it’s really fun. Especially if you try it with children, so it is certain that it will continue to be lively.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by ricksdevil

It’s cold playing in the water? Will you catch a cold? Yes… It’s not playing in water that really wets the whole body, how come my friend is hanging out. In D’ Dieuland, there is a long pond with small dimensions and steps like a shallow river complete with several fountains. You don’t have to bring a swimsuit because it’s not really for swimming, it’s just a change of clothes, slang.

Dieuland Bandung
Photo by yanditabi

Even though the pool is not deep, let alone very shallow, it’s only an ankle, but always keep an eye on your baby so they don’t fall and slip.

D’ Dieuland
Location: Punclut Tourism Area, Jl. Pagermaneuh, Punclut Tourism Area, Dago Bandung
Contact: 0816 778860
Opening hours: 09.00-22.00
Entrance Ticket: IDR 10. 000(Ordinary Day), Rp.15. 000( Weekends)

A very complete and very interesting sightseeing spot, right? Let’s quickly invite all family members to play here! So first, a brief explanation of “D’Dieuland Dago Bandung: A Charming and Enchanting Family Vacation Tour” I hope this article will be helpful for readers of the slang blog. Thanks.


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