Bogor Love Waterfall: The sound of the sound of the river water and the enchanting charm of nature

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love waterfall

Read More – When the recreation season has arrived, there is a Bogor tourist destination that you must explore once in a lifetime, friends, this cool tour is called Love Bogor Waterfall. In addition to natural tourist destinations, amusement parks and culinary tourism, Bogor itself is famous for its waterfall tours.

Picture by @rizkisetiawant

Before changing its name to Love Bogor Waterfall, the name of this waterfall was Leuwi Cateng Waterfall. However, many tourists call this waterfall as Waterfall Love because the flow of the waterfall is shaped like a heart. Often people also call it a miniature Green Canyon Bogor.

Location of Curug Love

To achieve this tour, this love waterfall is located in Bantar Karet Village, Nanggung District, Bogor Regency, West Java. The access to the location of this love waterfall is very easy, you can use private vehicles or public transportation.

Curug Love Bogor
pic : photo:
Curug Love Bogor

When entering the Bantar Karet village area before arriving at the waterfall, you will pass several tourist destinations there, including Geopark Pongko, friends. After you arrive at the parking area, you have to walk for about 10 minutes to arrive at the location of this waterfall point.

Love Falls Attraction

Maybe you are curious why this place is visited a lot and is the subject of discussion on social media, especially tourism in Bogor, because the attraction of this Bogor Love Waterfall, has a unique water flow that is flanked by rock cliffs so that the texture looks like it was naturally chiseled by water abrasion. and similar to those in Arizona, my slang.

Curug Love Bogor

pic by : @rantymaria

In addition to the above attractions, the water here is very clear and not so cold, making you feel at home for long playing in this waterfall.

Curug Love Bogor

Love Bogor Waterfall

The Love Bogor Waterfall in several pools that have a depth of more than 1 meter with a slightly green water color where you can swim while enjoying the freshness of the pool water while taking selfies at the main object of this waterfall.

Entrance Ticket for Curug Love Bogor

For the price of admission to this love waterfall tourist location, it is very cheap. You only need to pay a ticket fee of IDR 10,000 / person. Meanwhile, the parking fee is IDR 5,000 for motorbikes and IDR 10,000 for cars.

Curug Love Bogor

Love Bogor Waterfall

Love Bogor Waterfall

The facilities available at this tourist location are quite complete. Starting from toilets, changing rooms, stalls selling a variety of food and drinks, as well as a large parking area that makes you more comfortable on this tour.

Thus a brief explanation of “Love Bogor Waterfall: Sprinkling Sounds of River Water and Charming Natural Enchantment” hopefully slang friends are interested in visiting this beautiful tourist destination. Happy holidays. . .


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