Pelangi Park Bagor : Enjoying the Beauty of Exciting Colorful Colors that Pamper the Eyes in the Afternoon

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Rainbow Park Bagor

Read More – Panorama Pelangi Park Bogor is currently a favorite destination for many people, especially for the surrounding Jabodetabek community. Located in the rainbow hill area of ​​Gunung Geulis, it has an exotic and refreshing atmosphere and mountain view.

Here is a very suitable place to pamper the eyes and stomach, you know, slang. The green natural panorama around the restaurant really makes the eyes cool and the heart cool.

Rainbow Park Bagor
Rainbow Park Bagor

There are 2 seating zones that you can choose from. Indoor zones with ethnic nuanced buildings or in outdoor zones that are more contemporary and Instagramable.

Just look, the expanse of green-patterned artificial grass is increasingly charming, decorated with colorful themes. Duh, I feel like I just want to lie down here, slang!

Rainbow Park Bagor
Photo Via Farhannjo, Halundaa, Fridaep27_, Ayulindak

Rainbow Park Bagor
Photo Via Wandaepi15, Dartirahmah

So, don’t just lie down or take pictures, here there are many menus for you to taste, slang friends.

From traditional dishes such as colenak to chicken burgers, everything is there. Suggestion, if you come here, don’t be in a very hungry condition because there are many devotees so that the service may take a little longer, my friend.

Rainbow Park Bagor
Photo Via Fridaep27_

Rainbow Park Bogor
Price: From IDR 15. 000
Location: Street. Rainbow Hill Road. Kp. Sawah, Mt. Geulis, District. Sukaraja, Bogor
Contact: 0822 6063 3335
Opening hours: Daily, 10.00–20.00

Pelangi Park Bogor Tourism Object

Rainbow Park Bagor
Rainbow Park Bagor

In fact, this place is better known as Pelangi Cafe & Resto. The photos are often viral on social media with an outdoor cafe with green grass and equipped with colorful bean bags on top. Currently in 2021, the cafe has turned into a rainbow park with several new facilities, friends.
Rainbow Park Bagor

Rainbow Park Bagor

The main spot of this tour is a cafe & restaurant that presents the concept of outdoor friends. You can create a green lawn using artificial grass.

On it there are colorful bean bags for perching and relaxing. The place is even more instagramable and unique with the presence of colorful air balloons, this is suitable for those who like to hunt for photos, friends, slang.

That’s a short explanation about “Pelangi Park Bagor: Enjoying the Beauty of Colorful Fun that Pampers the Eyes in the Afternoon” Do you want to visit this beautiful place like the colors of the rainbow?


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