Kampung Singkur Pangalengan Bandung: Riverside Lodging with a Variety of Exciting Activities

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Singkur Village Pangalengan Bandung

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Karogaul.com – In this Singkur Village tour, you can not only relax in the midst of pine trees, friends, but also play as much as you like in the river, relax while listening to the gurgling of flowing water, rafting, to stay in existing tents or inns.

Singkur Village
Location: Street. Raya Sana Cileunca Kilometers. 4 Pangalengan, Bandung, West Java.
Contact: 0823 1961 4320

Singkur Village Pangalengan Bandung
Photo via helmi_kenzii – Kampung Singkur Pangalengan Bandung

Facilities for Kampung Singkur Pangalengan Bandung

Singkur Pangalengan Village Tourism can be said as a new destination in Bandung. This place is back to ‘live’ after being well managed, slang. Various yahut spots are the talk of travel lovers. Wooden bridges, seats, crevices of pine plants are the objects of a charming picture in this tourist spot. Tourists certainly don’t want to be short of spots to capture the moment in Singkur Village, this is a slang drug.

Not only the beautiful natural panorama and the cool air that dances in this village tourist destination. Various facilities are ready to welcome tourists. The facilities or rides for Kampung Singkur that must be tried are tubing trips. Tourists will be invited to walk along a river whose left and right there are beautiful green pine plants.

Singkur Village Pangalengan Bandung

Photo via luthfyfadillahalwahidy

Singkur Village Pangalengan Bandung
Photo via wita_lstn – Kampung Singkur Pangalengan Bandung

Well, for tourists who like to challenge adrenaline, they can try white water rafting rides. The river in Singkur Village, which is rich in potential, is certainly interesting to explore. Not only water games, this place also has a variety of exciting land games. Such as Outbound, flying fox, paint ball, hammocking and camping zone. Here is also a place to spend the night for tourists who do not want to return.

After trying various game rides, visitors can pamper their tongue on this tour, friends. The typical culinary menu of Singkur Village and accompanied by the sound of gurgling water will become a delicious meal. It is certain that tourists will be cool to spend time with family or relatives in Singkur Village.

Singkur Village Photo Gallery

Thus a brief review of “Kampung Singkur Pangalengan Bandung: Riverside Lodging with a Variety of Exciting Activities.” Are you interested in visiting this exotic riverside? Happy holidays. . .


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