President: No Euphoria, Riau Islands are not free from Covid-19

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NBCNEWS – Although Covid-19 cases in the Riau Islands Province (Kepri) have decreased overall, the public is asked not to be euphoric.

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This was stated directly by President Joko Widodo in Bintan, Tuesday (25/1).

He said the public must remain vigilant and increase self-protection by immediately getting a booster vaccine.

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“You can’t be euphoric, Riau Islands are not free from Covid-19,” said the president.

According to data from the Riau Islands Health Office, as of January 24, 2022, the booster vaccine has reached 3.55 percent, or 48,745 people out of 1,373,372 people.

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Meanwhile, for children aged 6-11 years, the achievement was 77.83 percent for the first dose, and 13.32 percent for the second dose.

Then the 12-17 year olds vaccinated which reached 103.30 percent for the first dose, and 85.60 percent for the second dose.

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For the elderly, vaccine achievements were 71,460 people or 82.02 percent at the first dose, 58,697 people at the second dose, and 4,538 people at the third dose.

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