Modern Slavery Movies You Really Must Watch. Make Sad!

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The Regent of Langkat has recently become a byword for netizens. It’s not just about corruption, just like in the movie, the regent of Langkat is suspected of practicing modern slavery. The reason is, it is known that the regent has a cage containing a number of people in it. It was reported that there were at least 27 people in the cage.

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Of course, this surprising fact that was found made many people shocked. The reason is, modern slavery is a crime against humanity that is strongly condemned by the world community. The emergence of bad news from the figure of this regent reminds us of some films that tell about the practice of slavery in the modern era. Hipwee Entertainment has compiled recommendations for movies about modern slavery that you can watch. Let’s just take a look!

1. Girl Model

Girl Model/Credit: Sundance Institute

First there is the movie “Girl Model”. This film tells the story of a modeling agent named Ashley. The film tells the story of when he recruits young girls in Siberia to join him as a model in Japan. In this film, the fact is revealed that there are many models who are actually trapped by the seduction of modeling agents.

2. Born into Brothels

Born Into Brothels/Credit: Sundance Institute

“Born into Brothels” might be a film about modern slavery that you should watch. This film is the result of the efforts of documentary photographer Zana Briski who ventures into city life known for its prostitution. He was guided by the children, then instead he taught them about photography techniques. As a result, the children in the slum city document the terrible life that surrounds them.

3. Stand With Sanju

Stand With Sanju/Credit: Sundance Institute

There is also an animated short film entitled “Stand With Sanju”. This film tells the story of child slavery in the carpet industry. Even though this film is short, you can feel touched while watching it. In addition to telling the story of Sanju, this film also invites everyone to stop this practice of child labor.

4. The Storm Makers

Cambodia/Credit: Sundance Institute

“The Storm Makers” is a film that tells the story of the atrocities of human trafficking in Cambodia. The film released in 2014 is presented with some sad testimonies from the victims naturally and candid. You will find a lot of sad facts in this movie

5. Private Violence

Private Violance/Credit: Sundance Institute

If you like mystery films, “Private Violence” might be an interesting viewing option. This film itself tells about the efforts of a mother who lost her child’s life to seek justice. This is then further away from the tragic fact that women in the United States often get domestic violence.

6. Traces of the Trade

Traces of the Trade/Credit: Kanopy

“Traces of the Trade” is a film that tells the story of a man who traces the footsteps of his famous ancestor as the largest slave trader in the United States. This film then opened the eyes of many people about how the history of slavery happened in Uncle Sam’s land in the past

7. 7 Prisoners

7 Prisoners/Credit: Netflix

Finally there is the movie “7 Prisoners”. This film is actually packaged in the form of an action film. The story is about a man who was given the promise of a decent job but was framed and put to work like a slave. Specifically, “7 Prisoners” focuses on the issue of human trafficking in Brazil.

Well, those are some films about modern slavery that you should watch. The films above teach us to fight and stop all actions that are related to modern slavery today. In addition, the film also opens our eyes to realize that modern slavery still exists in our world.

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