Meet Diana di Meo, the Italian female referee whose adult videos spread

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“Still 22 years old and predicted to have a bright future. Here’s his profile.”

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NBCNEWS – In recent days, Italian football fans were shocked by the circulation of an adult video on a number of social media platforms. The perpetrator was not an ordinary person, but an Italian female referee. She, Diana de Meo. The young referee who is predicted to have a bright future.

Still only 22 years old, Di Meo is registered with the Referee Commission (Komwas) of the Italian Football Association (FIGC) as a linesman who has a license for women’s football matches at the junior level.

She is originally from Pescara and is registered as a student majoring in Business Law at D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara. “I followed football since I was a child because I grew up in a family dominated by boys who loved football,” Di Meo said in an interview with Gioco Pulito.

“In 2015 people from the FIGC came to my school. They were looking for children who were willing to be trained as referees. I decided to give it a try. I started the course in October 2015 and in December 2015 I passed the course,” added Di Meo.

As in many countries, the FIGC also has a board in each region. And, after graduating from the course, Di Meo joined the Percara branch of FIGC (a kind of PSSI Asprov in Indonesia). She was only allowed to be an assistant referee at the junior level of women’s football.

“The worst experience was when I was really tense when I made my debut. At that time I was 16 years old. It was the first time I experienced so much tension. On the other hand, my best memory is returning to the field after being forced to stop due to Covid-19,” said Di Meo. .

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“I wish there would be more female referees because the FIGC has made big strides. There are a lot of girls involved. For example Francesca di Monte, who leads Serie A and Serie B, and is the only female assistant (at the top level). And, I hope this is the first in a long line of names,” added Di Meo.

In the refereeing system in Italy, one has to start from the bottom. People like Di Meo currently only become assistant referees in junior women’s matches. But, he can continue to develop over time. And, it is not impossible to lead Serie A or the Champions League at the men’s level.

I hope to live this experience as much as possible as a referee and to build my career game by game and as far as possible. I hope to be able to step on the grass in some important stadiums like the San Siro, which is my dream,” said Di Meo.

Interview with Gioco Pulito in September 2021. Unfortunately, in January 2022, a nasty video spread across a number of social media platforms and suddenly went viral in Italy. In the video, it is clear that Di Meo is playing.

Quoting the Daily Star, Di Meo admitted that it was him. In venting on his personal Instagram, he was surprised to find his nasty video, which should have remained a secret and was kept tightly as a private collection, was actually spread on social media.

“I then locked myself at home and cried for two days. Someone must have managed to get into my phone. Otherwise I don’t know how it was taken. It’s my private video and I never post it. This is a situation I don’t want to be in,” said Di Meo.

Furthermore, Di Meo explained that he had reported to the Italian Police. Officers said they would carry out an investigation and promised to immediately find the irresponsible person.

“I have filed a complaint and the authorities will take care of everything. I hope to be able to vote on behalf of all the victims who are blamed. In fact, the real culprit is behind the scenes,” said Di Meo.

In contrast to Indonesia, according to Italian law, such videos cannot be categorized as crimes. Which is criminal when that person hacks into someone’s cellphone or computer and then profits from that action. And, a six-year prison sentence awaits the perpetrator.

(andri ananto/you)

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