FNC Entertainment Will Debut PRIKIL Girl Group Made by Who Is Princess Program | Kpop Chart

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FNC Entertainment agency will debut girl group new name called PRIKIL.

PRIKIL is girl group with 5 members who became winners in the survival program Who Is Princess on the Japanese television station, NTV.

The 5 PRIKIL members chosen from a total of 15 contestants are Uta, Nana, Rinko, Yukino and Rin. The five of them have an average age of 14 years and are currently still in junior high school.

The name PRIKIL itself was chosen from the words “Princesses” and “Kill” which can be interpreted as, “Princesses (Princesses) who will kill (Kill) the stage.”

girl groups PRIKIL is scheduled to make their debut in May 2022. Before that, you can see photos of the members below! (NBCNEWS)

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