Remake “Erase Your Traces”, Noah Collaborates with Angga Yunanda and Vanesha Prescilla

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Remove a trace

Noah returned to remake the song “Erase Your Footsteps” after the success of “The Deepest” and “Stars in Heaven”. They invited Angga Yunanda and Vanesha Prescilla to be models in this video clip. This song is included in the album ‘Day of the Bright’ which was released in 2007. Previously, Ariel and Dian Sastro played the music video for “Erase Jejakmu”.

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The music video, which was released on Friday (21/1/2022), is highly anticipated by fans. The reason is, the “Erase Your Footprint” clip showing Angga Yunanda and Vanesha Preschilla has been shared on TikTok social media. “Erase Your Tracks” takes the background of the Ancol playground with a more cheerful atmosphere.

The music video for “Erase Your Tracks” is about trying to forget someone

“Erase Your Traces” tells the story of trying to forget someone | Credit: Noah Official via YouTube

Just like before, the music video for “Erase Your Tracks” tells the story of trying to forget someone. Here, Angga Yunanda tries to erase the traces of Vanesha Preschilla that always appear in his memory.

Angga convinced himself to let go of all thoughts about Vanesha. Finally at the end of the video, Angga let go scarf red and got into the car with another woman. While Vanesha followed Stevan’s movements, a man was walking using a red umbrella.

To rejuvenate his songs, Noah always chooses young talents who are shining. No wonder in the video clip “Erase Your Footsteps” they chose Angga Yunanda and Vanesha Prescilla both to be actors. Both of them looked very suitable to replace Ariel and Dian Sastro in the previous video clip.

Throughout the video clip, Vanesha always follows Angga Yunanda’s movements

Remove a trace

Dance “Erase Your Traces” | Credit: Noah Official via YouTube

Unlike the music videos for “The Deepest” and “Stars in Heaven”, this video clip has a more pleasant feel. Even though they are talking about trying to forget someone, the dance they bring makes the atmosphere cheerful. Throughout the video clip “Erase Your Footsteps”, Vanesha tries to follow all the movements made by Angga.

The movement is like a memory that keeps coming to Angga’s mind. Vanesha also always follows Angga wherever he goes. They continue to circle the playground and try to let go of all the memories they have. In the end, the two of them both left with someone else in the rain.

Noah appears at the end of the music video with the song “Erase Your Tracks”

Remove a trace

Noah appears at the end of the video as street musicians | Credit: Noah Official via YouTube

Same as both video clips second chance before, Ariel and friends always appeared in it. This time, Noah appears towards the end of the video as street musicians. Ariel as vocalist, Lukman as guitarist, David as keyboardist, Reza ex-Noah as drummer, and Rejoz The Groove as percussionist.

At the end of 2021, Noah released the first album in the series second chance album ‘Taman Langit’ with the video clip “The Deepest”. Starring Iqbaal Ramadhan, the video clip was successfully watched by millions of people. Furthermore, Noah re-released the video clip “Star in Heaven” by inviting actor Jefri Nichol. This time, “Erase Your Tracks” has also caught the attention of netizens with the appearance of Angga Yunanda and Vanesha Prescilla. Noah’s remake music videos lately have always succeeded in making many people nostalgic.

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