The story of the Warganet who ran away when he was ticketed, if you were in a hurry, Creative Auto!

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One of the sanctions that apply in Indonesia and the one most often experienced by netizens is a ticket. Even though for those of you motorcyclists who don’t want to be ticketed, the tips only need to obey the rules. For example, don’t forget to wear a helmet and always carry a SIM and STNK when traveling. Things like that, of course, have become basic knowledge and obligations before you drive a motorized vehicle.

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But when it comes to ticketing, many netizens admit to panicking and sometimes doing unexpected things to escape the fines for violating driving rules. As recently went viral on social media, starting from pretending to be a farmer, pretending to go to an ATM, until finally someone was caught red-handed in a coffee shop. Check out the confessions of the netizens who ran away when they were ticketed again~

1. While being chased by the police for not wearing a helmet, this netizen even pretended to be a farmer in the fields. Creative idea too~

Pretend to be a farmer | Credits: Twitter

2. There are also netizens who are desperate to enter the church until they are reprimanded by the security guard, in the end they are also caught by the police

Even go to church | Credits: Twitter

3. Intentions to run away to a coffee shop until the ticketing raid is over, eh instead met the police who were drinking coffee. It’s a wasted effort nder~

Caught in the coffee shop | Twitter

4. Because they don’t want to get a ticket, some are desperate to enter people’s homes, sit on the terrace and pretend to talk until the police are fooled

enter someone’s house | Credits: Twitter

5. Instead of running away, this netizen was desperate to come to the police station while pretending to want to make SKCK

Pretend to make skck | Credits: Twitter

6. It was wrong to break through the signs, instead of being responsible, instead entered the PS rental and played for up to 2 hours

fined story

Even playing PS | Credits: Twitter

7. There’s no point in going to coffee shop, still caught by the police. It’s not that it’s safe, but it can be embarrassing because all visitors watch

fined story

enter the coffee shop | Credits: Twitter

8. Use the spare motorbike key in the bag, wait until the police are off guard, then run away. This netizen is really clever

fined story

Escape with spare key | Credits: Twitter

9. Don’t just go to coffee shop Of course, this netizen is also willing to enter the factory and pretend to be an employee so he doesn’t get caught by the police

fined story

Factory employee | Credits: Twitter

10. There are also those who pretend to enter the ATM room, but end up giving themselves up~

Pretend to enter ATM

Pretend to enter ATM | Credits: Twitter

The way the netizens ran away when they were ticketed must have been their first reaction when they panicked when they saw a motorized traffic ticket raid. Actually, they don’t have to worry about how to run away when they get a ticket if they only obey the traffic rules.

Remember guys, obey traffic rules not for fear of being caught by the police when you get a ticket, but we must be aware that obeying traffic is also for our own safety.

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