A Peek at the Beauty of ‘Art Wedding’, a Viral Art Exhibition-style Wedding Concept. Creative!

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wedding art

Recently there was one unique wedding concept which went viral on Twitter. Yup, if the wedding concept is usually wrapped with various floral decorations, this wedding actually uses a lot of artwork from local artists as part of the wedding decorations. Not only that, the concept of marriage also incorporates elements of two cultures, namely Ambonese and Javanese cultures.

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As a result, the invited guests seemed to be visiting an art exhibition, not a wedding hall. Very unique, huh? So for those of you who are curious about the details of the decoration, let’s look at the following review!

1. At the front, guests can take selfies at the installation pop up which describes hopes and prayers for the bride and groom

wedding art | Credit @nizaarmohamad on Twitter

Before entering the aisle area, guests need to register and walk through the installation pop up created by the Surabaya Art Alliance Forum. Pop ups It features several ornaments that symbolize hopes and prayers for the bride and groom.

Invited guests can also take selfies at photo booth which contains works by local artist, Yoes Wibowo. In addition, there are also paintings of the figures of the bride and groom and works from the Sekawan Project which further beautify the area photo booth.

2. After that, the invited guests will pass through a maze with an interior design that carries the theme “Ribs”

wedding art

wedding art | Credit @nizaarmohamad on Twitter

Guests will be treated to a maze with a beautiful purple light arrangement. In the concept of marriage wedding art In this case, the labyrinth is likened to a second home door for the bride and groom and their family. Here, guests can see and enjoy works of art with the theme “Rubs” from artist Dhimas Wahyu Prakoso developed by Good Production Indonesia.

3. At the aisle, there are various art installations in the form of visualizing babies and boats with male and female legs

wedding art

wedding art | Credit @nizaarmohamad on Twitter

After passing through the maze, the invited guests will be greeted when they arrive at the main room of the bride and groom. The area where the bride and groom sit is called the Kuade. In this main area, there are several art installations ranging from baby visualizations which symbolize hopes and prayers for the bride and groom regarding offspring and ship installations with male and female legs symbolizing the journey of a household that has just begun.

4. Invited guests are also served by a video show mapping and the Keroncong Sinten Remen Orchestra

wedding art

wedding art | Credit @nizaarmohamad on Twitter

Ornaments mounted on the walls of the room also symbolize the identity of the two families of the bride and groom who have been united in marriage. Apart from art installations, this unique wedding concept also provides video performances mapping featuring traditional objects from Ambonese and Javanese cultures. The guests were also presented with entertainment performances from the Keroncong Sinten Remen Orchestra which was very thick with Javanese traditional nuances.

The younger brother who served as curator also made the concept of light transitions that transitioned smoothly to build nuances and emotions for all guests in the room. Wow, really cool huh?

If weddings are usually synonymous with flower decorations and ribbons with beautiful colors, this netizen chose a unique wedding concept with art installations. Who wants to adapt the concept of marriage like this too?


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