Today’s Indomaret Promo The Discount Is Really Great, Let’s Buy It!

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NBCNEWS – Today’s Indomaret promo, Thursday, January 20, 2022, provides a special offer for loyal buyers.

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Various products that are included in the Indomaret JSM promo catalog get massive discounts, for the period 16 – 31 January 2022.

One of them is the 380 gram Coffee Powder Ship, which has dropped the price to Rp. 21,500.

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Before the Indomaret promo January 20, 2022, this product was sold for Rp. 24,000.

In addition, there is also Good Day Instant Coffee Cappuccino with Choco Granule 10×25 grams, which has decreased the price from Rp. 19,100 to Rp. 16,500.

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Kapal Api Kopi Powder Special Mix 10×24 grams dropped the price from Rp. 13,200 to Rp. 11,900.

Civet Coffee Pure Powder 165 grams, the price dropped from Rp. 10,900 to Rp. 9,900.

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Gadjah Kopi Tubruk Manis 2 in 1 10×25 grams dropped the price from Rp. 12,900 to Rp. 9,900.

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