The Substitution of Plt DKI Jakarta Revealed, Something Is Wrong

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NBCNEWS – The Executive Director of the Indonesian Survey Flow (ASI), Ali Rif’an, raised his voice regarding the executor of the task (Plt) who will replace the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan.

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According to him, with the simultaneous elections in 2024, the emergence of the Plt will affect the course of politics that is not good.

“The matter of who will become the Plt in DKI Jakarta is very likely to be politically charged. However, in that two-year gap, I am afraid that the Plt will not be able to properly develop the area left by the regional head,” said Ali to NBCNEWS, Monday (17/17). 1).

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Ali explained that the strategy of the Plt officials in Jakarta was quite clear, because they wanted to target the governor’s position in the 2024 Pilkada.

Therefore, he felt that having an Acting Officer before the change of regional head would not be effective in terms of development.

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“So, I think that the Acting Officer who is given the mandate will find it difficult to develop his territory. Because there are other interests that are carried by political parties to win the Pilkada,” he explained.

With such a tactic, Ali considers the condition of the replacement of the regional head with the executor of duties (Plt) needing a serious evaluation.

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Because, he estimates that there are shortcuts used by Plt officials to launch their political strategy.

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