Gerrard’s charisma thrills Suarez, Aston Villa threatens top team

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NBCNEWS – Steven Gerrard’s charisma is predicted to thrill Luis Suarez, making Aston Villa threaten a top club.

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Luis Suarez’s tenure with Atletico Madrid will end on June 30, but so far there is no sign of his contract being extended.

Recently, Suarez is rumored to be returning to graze in England with Aston Villa, which is now being worked on by Steven Gerrard.

Suarez himself was imported by Atletico Madrid from Barcelona in September 2020 and managed to present the Spanish League title last season with a contribution of 21 goals.

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Despite his impressive performance, his future with Atletico Madrid is reportedly unclear.

Meanwhile, Spanish journalist Gerrard Romero reports that Suarez is interested in joining former Liverpool team-mate Steven Gerrard who is currently Aston Villa coach.

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Romero also added that Suarez turned down offers from other clubs such as Palmeiras, Corinthians and Atletico Mineiro, as well as one from a Saudi Arabian club.

“Luis Suarez has ruled out offers from Palmeiras, Corinthians and Atletico Mineiro, as well as one from Saudi Arabia, to focus on the Aston Villa offer from former team-mate Gerrard,” Romero wrote on Twitter, quoted by Sportsmole.

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