During La Liga 1, Arema FC Breaks Training In Bali & Malang | NBCNEWS

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Arema FC will continue the training program even though Liga 1 2021/22 is on pause. In the agenda, Singo Edan’s troops were divided into two parts.

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There are Arema FC squads who train in Bali and Malang. Players are free to choose which location to practice during the League 1 break.

The program in Bali will be led by coach Eduardo Almeida along with two coaching staff namely FX Yanuar and Felipe Americo. Meanwhile in Malang, the assistant coaches were commanded by Singgih Pitono, Siswantoro, Kuncoro and goalkeeper coach Jarot Supriyadi.

“Management gives a policy to coaches to provide training programs, the training team is divided into two, namely those who remain in Bali and those who return to Malang,” said Arema FC media officer Sudarmaji, quoted by the club’s official website.

However, the names of those who practiced in Bali and Malang were not mentioned. Later, the players will regroup on the Island of the Gods on January 22.

“Management appreciates the players for determining the program during the FIFA matchday break period by providing the opportunity to gather with family or stay in Bali,” he said.

Arema FC is currently in second place in the standings. Kushedya Hari Yudo and his friends collected 41 points or two points adrift of Bhayangkara FC, who was at the top.

“It is hoped that with these conditions, players who will be in Bali for a long time until the end of March will remain psychologically awake by meeting their families. However, coach Almaida continues to run a strict program both technically and the Arema team of doctors will also accompany the training program that carries out the regulations. proces,” he said.

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