Unique! This Wedding Uses Concepts Like Being in an Art Exhibition

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NBCNEWS, The wedding party seems to be the dream of every couple. The bride and groom will certainly prepare for the wedding with the concept according to their dreams. Ranging from lavish parties with various decorations in a building to relaxed garden parties.

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However, it is different with a newlywed couple’s wedding which was uploaded by the @biskims Twitter account. The account even states that the unique concept looks like at Artjog, which is an annual art exhibition usually held in the city of Yogyakarta.

There are three photos that show a curatorial narrative, walls decorated with artwork and a white aisle with simple decorations and blue lights. With an art-wedding theme, the party looks like an art showroom.

The happy couple are Nadia Makhya Azhari and Halmar. It is known that Nadia is the daughter of the former Deputy Mayor of Surabaya Arif Afandi.

This has also invited various comments from netizens.

“How come this is fun!,” wrote the account @panggahh.

One netizen even suggested making a patent for the concept.

“Wow, you have to make a patent right away. There will be a lot of cheating concepts. He. Awesome,” commented from the account @Kumbakarna3791.

Not a few indeed stated that the wedding ceremony was like watching an exhibition.

“It’s cool, it feels like I’m watching an exhibition,” added the account @icetiramicyu.

The upload regarding the art wedding concept has so far been retweeted 2.6 thousand times and received 11.7 thousand likes. []


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