Titi Kamal and Christian Sugiono’s New House Like a Villa in Bali, Equipped with Sophisticated Facilities

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NBCNEWS – Celebrity couple Titi Kamal and Christian Sugiono occupy a new house of 1,000 square meters with a villa in Bali. Designed by architect Riri Yakub from Atelier Riri, this dream house is not just a place to live, but a space to recover physically and mentally. Titi Kamal explained, “We want this new house to last long, not just temporarily. That’s why we make it as comfortable as possible, especially in the midst of conditions like now we do a lot of activities at home. Here I used a lot of stone and wood elements.”

In line with his wife, Christian Sugiono took part in guarding the construction of his house. He has loved the details of the property for a long time. Therefore, the movie stars Singles and Dunia They pay attention to the layout of the dining table, how to maximize the sunlight, and the bathroom. Christian Sugiono said that his new house has a semi-smarthome concept because it is equipped with a number of sophisticated, all-sensory facilities and is suitable for the current situation. The guest bathroom is also specially designed.

“We also make the guest bathroom as good as possible. I remember papa said that the bathroom reflects us. So it must be clean and tidy,” said Christian Sugiono in a press release we received this week. For home sanitary equipment, Tian and Titi chose Germany Brilliant (GB) Sanitaryware. “From the time we had the old house in 2011 until now, in the new house, we use GB Sanitaryware. Its features are durable and sophisticated,” explained the father of two.

General Manager of PT Germany Brilliant, Yapto Wijaya, explained that Tian and Titi liked advanced technology such as the smart closet from GB Sanitaryware with a sensor feature that can open and close and rinse itself. It also features an air dryer. Water temperature and seat-cover can be adjusted in three levels. It also has sensor faucets, showers and multifunctional bathroom accessories, made of rust-resistant brass. “The bathroom drain filter at Titi and Tian’s house has magnetic technology so that it is free from insects, odors, and clogged water flows,” said Yapto.


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