Rumors circulated that ‘Ade Armando was dead and was shrouded in a shroud’, the person who did it…

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Ade Armando on Youtube channel, CokroTV.  Photo: Youtube/CokroTV

Communications observer Ade Armando spoke up regarding the false news that he was blown to death in an accident tragedy.

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Ade Armando also revealed the figure or mastermind behind the unproven news.

Through a video on CokroTV’s YouTube channel, Ade confirmed that he is currently in good health.

“Is it true that Ade Armando died after being thrown 50 meters in an accident on a toll road? As you can see, I am in good health, but until yesterday I had to answer the many WAs that came in about this shocking news,” said Ade Armando, quoted on Friday, December 24, 2021.

“It all started with a video on a YouTube channel called Political Agenda. Indeed, the title does not mention Ade Armando’s name, but in the thumbnail there is a photo containing a picture of a number of people gathered together with the words “Innanillahi ya Allah, Ade Armando is shrouded, the family cries,” he continued.

Take advantage of the famous media to the point of getting a takedown

Ade Armando on CokroTV’s Youtube channel. Photo: Youtube/CokroTV

Ade Armando explained that the video maker built a narrative as if the news was true and even published in well-known media.

The video maker whose origin is unknown also added various pictures and videos as if the accident that killed Ade Armando really happened.

However, at this time the video containing the news of Ade Armando’s death is no longer accessible.

“So the video maker has the right intention to make a fake video, they build the impression that the one reporting this news is a leading television station, Kompas TV. Then there are snippets of the faces and voices of the real news anchors, which are then inserted with the voices of the fake news anchors. There is also a snippet of police information, at this time I can’t find the video on YouTube, I suspect it’s on takedown,” said Ade Armando.

Ade Armando also admitted that he was surprised because when he had time to access, there were many posts in the comments column from happy netizens.

In fact, it is clear that the news being shared is a mere manipulation of one party.

“But when I was able to access the video, I read in the comments that many people were happy about my passing. Various religious breathing words appeared there, there were Alhamdulillah, Allah is Great, Allah punishes those who disobey His orders, and so on,” he explained.

It is suspected that the perpetrators shared videos at night and did not like the presence of Ade Armando

Ade Armando
Ade Armando. Photo: Kick Andy Metro TV | Rumors circulated that ‘Ade Armando was killed and was shrouded in a shroud’

He also made sure that the irresponsible video maker was shared at night, causing many people to worry.

“It means that there are indeed a lot of people who believe it is true. Interestingly, I suspect the video was uploaded at night. As a result, some friends were worried about my condition and tried to call and WA me, but I didn’t respond because I was asleep,” said Ade Armando.

“So this is really prepared. This kind of lie is easily recognized, put this news viral one day, but the next day it will be known that I am fine, in good health,” he continued.

He further suspects that the video maker is someone who feels disturbed by Ade Armando’s attitude.

“I suspect this was born of a mentally ill human being who was angry with my presence but didn’t know how to get rid of me. Maybe if they had the courage, or more willpower, they really hurt and threatened my life.”

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