Habib Bahar was reported, PA 212 explained his plan and ordered the police to take action against KASAD Dudung first!

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The Deputy Secretary General of the Alumni Brotherhood (PA) 212, Novel Bamukmin, responded to the reporting of Habib Bahar and Eggi Sudjana.

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It is known that Habib Bahar bin Smith and Eggi Sudjana have been reported to the Polda Metro Jaya.

They will be immediately investigated by the police because they are suspected of spreading information intended to incite hatred, hostility to individuals, groups based on SARA, and insults to state authorities.

Habib Bahar bin Smith.  Photo: Instagram
Habib Bahar bin Smith. Photo: Instagram

The report regarding Habib Bahar and Eggi Sudjana is numbered LP/B/6146/XII/2021/SPKT Polda Metro Jaya, dated 7 December.

Responding to the report, Novel Bamukmin emphasized that his party would oversee the legal process against Habib Bahar and Eggi Sudjana.

He also emphasized that the 212 group was ready to guard and provide legal assistance to the two figures.

“It has been confirmed that element 212 will escort and assist in advocacy for Habib Bahar and Eggi Sudjana,” Novel said, citing JPNN on Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

The novel, who also works as an advocate, hopes that the Police will be fair and wise in responding to the reports against Habib Bahar and Eggi Sudjana.

In addition, Novel said, the National Police were also asked to prioritize clarification and mediation before proceeding to the legal process.

“I hope that the National Police prioritizes a familial settlement from both parties so that it doesn’t become noisy,” said Novel.

Novel asks police to act on Dudung and other characters

Novel considers that in fact the reporting made against Habib Bahar and Eggi Sudjana is very thick with the current political situation.

“So, the solution must be a political approach to this problem,” said Novel.

Furthermore, his party also said that if the Police wanted to carry out legal proceedings against Habib Bahar and Eggi, then another blasphemy case was reported which had not been processed so that it could be dealt with. Among them, there are Dudung, Sukmawati, Ade Armando, Abu Janda, Guntur Romli, and various other figures.

“Because there are reported parties including Dudung Abdurachman, Sukmawati, Ade Armando, Guntur Romli, Abu Janda, Viktor Laiskodat, and others, they must be processed immediately because they are the main cause of the commotion,” Novel added.

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