Bekingan 212 was dismantled, it turned out that there was JK, the Cikeas family, and generals with caps

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Social media activist, Eko Kuntadhi revealed the reason why the 212 Grand Reunion event was moved from the one planned to be held at Monas, Central Jakarta to Az Zikra Mosque, Sentul, Bogor Regency.

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Kuntadhi assessed that the location of the 212 Reunion Grand Reunion was moved because there were no big names to support it.

“They moved the event from Monas to Sentul because there was no longer any support for this most bizarre event,” Kuntadhi said on CokroTV’s YouTube channel, quoted on Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

Kuntadhi also revealed that the current condition is certainly much different from before because the 212 action always gets fresh air from a number of parties with political interests.

“In the past, they felt they had succeeded in holding a large-scale demonstration in Jakarta, because it was natural at that time that leaders in the government seemed to give wind to groups like this,” said Kuntadhi.

At that time, said Kuntadhi, during the 212 demonstration there were a number of big names suspected of being supporters of the action movement.

According to Kuntadhi, the names are former Vice President Jusuf Kalla, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, the Cikeas family, and former TNI Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo.

“We remember that when the 212th demonstration was held regarding the Jakarta Pilkada, Yusuf Kalla was still serving as Vice President and we knew he was the number one supporter of Anies Baswedan. Meanwhile, the TNI commander was led by Gatot Nurmantyo, the general with a white cap at the time,” he explained.

“And don’t forget that during the local elections, the Cikeas family had an interest in the 212 movement because AHY’s son was also a candidate for governor,” Kuntadhi continued.

Muslims take part in the 212 reunion in the area of ​​Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta.  Photo: Antara
Muslims take part in the 212 reunion in the area of ​​Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta. Photo: Antara

However, this is certainly different from the current condition where the senior officers of the TNI-Polri security apparatus have been occupied by firm figures who do not like religious support movements.

“Now the conditions are changing. TNI officials have changed faces, General Andika Perkasa sits as the TNI Commander, while General Dudung Abdurachman as KASAD, and the Kapolda is still held by Fadil Imran, “said Kuntadhi.

“These three high-ranking officers are known to have very red and white chests, they are uncomfortable with trying to clash with religion. That’s why religious groups are very resentful of them,” he added.

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