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Tinular Talking soap operas

Old actor Risdo Matondang tells of his journey to becoming a convert. The role of Gajah Mada in the 90’s soap opera, Tutur Tinular, felt calm after embracing Islam.

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Risdo admitted that he had goosebumps when he first heard the call to prayer when he was still living in Medan. So, what changes did Risdo Matondang experience after becoming a convert? Check out the following reviews.

Old actor Risdo Matondang converted to Islam

Risdo Matondang began embracing Islam when he was 28 years old. At that time, he said two sentences of creed at a mosque in the Menntang area, Central Jakarta. Risdo’s interest in Islam began when he felt goosebumps when he heard the call to prayer for the first time.

“Back to elementary school when my parents first bought a TV, I live in a Medan area where all of them raise pigs, all Christians, and never hear the call to prayer. Suddenly on TV at 6 am I heard the call to prayer, I was surprised what this sound gave me goosebumps, I enjoyed it, when I moved to Jakarta every day I heard the call to prayer, at first I was interested in hearing the call to prayer,” said Risdo Matondang, launching YouTube Islam Trending TV on Friday ( 26/11/21).

Tinular Talking soap operas

Risdo’s decision to change religion became even more unanimous after reading a book in which a Catholic and a religious leader argued about Jesus. After 30 days, a Catholic decided to convert to Islam.

“Catholic books make them cry and ask to be converted to Islam, then the kiai says it’s not that easy. These are Catholics, you know, people who are the most devout compared to Protestants in their faith, so that they can fall down like that, my thoughts are ‘this is a Catholic who is so devout that he can do that,’” he said.

Risdo then told something that opened his mind about Islam in a book he read. “Indeed, everything has been revealed that this verse is not the words of Jesus, what Jesus said in Christianity there is one God, not three Gods, it turns out that the one who said that God is three is the Apostle Paul, the apostle is a Christian who was a hater of Prophet Isa who claimed to have been visited by Prophet Isa. and was appointed an Apostle.”

Embarrassed to go to church

When he became a Christian, the actor from Medan admitted that he was ashamed to go to church. He felt ashamed of his Muslim friends around the church.

“I feel ashamed to go to church, even though I have worn the neatest clothes in the house, brought a Bible, and brought a congregational hymn containing songs. But as a Christian at that time, I felt ashamed, even with Muslim friends who were hanging out at the post, I didn’t know what to be ashamed of,” said Risdo.

Risdo Matondang.  Photo: YouTube
Risdo Matondang. Photo: YouTube

But after embracing Islam, Risdo Matondang felt calm in his life. Risdo does not force what is not his right now.

“Islam offers rewards, my thought at that time was yes. I remember that God only gets rewarded, only good intentions are already rewarded, once you do it, it’s even multiplied, it’s extraordinary, just calm down, now if God hasn’t predestined you don’t have anything yet, it’s not the time yet, “concluded Risdo Matondang.

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