Vanessa Angel’s father fusses with Aunt Ardiansyah’s family, Oops!

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NBCNEWS – Vanessa Angel’s father began to feud with Aunt Ardiansyah’s family. The reason is that Vanessa’s family does not have access to take care of her grandson, Gala Sky.

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Vanessa Angel’s father, Doddy Soedrajat, said that his family did not seem to have access to Sky-style care because of the presence of Aunt Ardiansyah’s family at his daughter’s house.

As a result, Doddy Soedrajat asked Aunt Ardiansyah’s family to get out of Vanessa Angel’s house.

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“I just went there, they had sour faces, like they didn’t accept me there, so I didn’t want to,” said Doddy Soedrajat via the Seleb Oncam News YouTube channel, Friday (26/11).

“Please, Auntie’s sisters, please go home first. I’m Vanessa’s big family in turn, I’ll stay there,” he continued.

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Doddy said that he and Mayang would take turns taking care of Gala Sky.

“I will play there, Mayang will take care of Gala there,” he continued.

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Doddy also mentioned Aunt Ardiansyah’s sisters to return to their homes.

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