This is the most important thing so that playing with fingers is more enjoyable and satisfied

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NBCNEWS – There are various variations that can be done to enjoy intimacy with your partner, one of which is playing with your fingers.

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The technique of inserting and playing fingers in the female area can increase pleasure during intercourse in bed.

Playing hands into the female area can indeed be the right opening tips to start playing love.

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According to an article from StatPearls, bacteria that usually stick to the surface of the skin on the hands can still be removed by washing hands with plain soap.

Therefore, even if you and your partner don’t have a man and woman meeting, at least try to remind each other to always wash your hands before starting to play with your fingers.

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Getting into the habit of washing hands before and after playing with your fingers can reduce the number of germs on your hands.

You can also try wearing gloves, using toys, and trimming your nails as extra protection from the risk of transferring germs to vital organs.

Playing with fingers is indeed a low-risk sexual activity.

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