The Shocking Facts Behind the Story of the Pinrang Youth Proposed by a Junior High School Girl, The Two Don’t Know They Are Matched!! – Gossip

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A young man is proposed by a middle school girl’s family with a dowry of half a billion rupiah

A young man was proposed to by a junior high school girl’s family with a dowry of half a billion rupiah. It also caused a stir in Pinrang, South Sulawesi.

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Apparently, the proposal did not know if the partner who was the core of this proposal.

“This is a matter for parents, children don’t know,” said the mother of the prospective bride, Hj Asmira.

he also added that his daughter, who is currently in grade 3 of junior high school, knows her future husband, but does not have a special relationship.

“Kids with prospective in-laws know, they just never talk,” he said.

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The mother of the young man who was proposed, Hj Diana added, that her son did not know about this proposal.

“He just found out. But Alhamdulillah, he already knows,” said Hj Diana.

He also mentioned that his son, who is currently studying in Jakarta, did not object to this.

“He is a good boy, this child accepts an arranged marriage,” he said.

This application to a young man in Pinrang, South Sulawesi can be called unique because it is different from the Bugis tribe’s custom, where usually the groom proposes to the bride.

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Then the video of the application went viral and shocked netizens.

The mother of the bride, Hj. Asmira said that she set up her daughter, who is still in junior high school (SMP), with her future son-in-law because she liked the young man’s character.

Moreover, he has long been friends with Hj. Diana, the young man’s mother.

The application procession was held after the two families agreed to match their two children.

In addition, what makes a scene is the fantastic value of the dowry.

In addition to IDR 500 million, the prospective bride also agreed to submit 5 sacks of flour, 5 bags of sugar, and 200 shelves of eggs as a complement to the bride’s application.

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