The Reason Why One Piece Is One of the Most Legendary Anime and Must Watch. Masterpieces!

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Who doesn’t know the manga or anime “One Piece”? This Japanese cartoon written by Eiichiro Oda is indeed very recognizable throughout the world. This anime is so widely known because it has been airing since 1999. While the first manga was released in 1996. That means the animated series has been on the air for 22 years. A very long time to accompany someone from childhood to old age.

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Besides being legendary for its history, there are many other reasons why “One Piece” is one of the most legendary manga and anime of all time. There are also many reasons why every living person should follow the story of this member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Well, for those of you who may have never watched “One Piece”, Hipwee Entertainment will try to explain why you really have to return to this animated series and manga. Let’s see!

1. First, because “One Piece” has now reached 1000 episodes. It really deserves to be celebrated because it has accompanied 90s children for 22 years

One Piece episode 1000/Credit: DualShocker

The first reason why “One Piece” is one of the legendary anime is the number of episodes. Of course as an anime shounen, the large number of episodes is not unusual. However, 1000 episodes is a feat in itself. This proves that fans are still not bored to follow the continuation of the story of the Straw Hat crew. Oh yeah, “One Piece” itself just reached episode 1000 in November 2021 yesterday. Uniquely, there is a special celebration to commemorate the 1000th episode.

2. “One Piece” has many epic moments that make viewers shiver in awe~

Luffy hits the Tenryubitto/Credit: CBR

Another thing that makes “One Piece” so legendary is the many epic moments throughout the story. As pirates, Luffy and his friends certainly have a very interesting adventure. An example is the moment when Luffy hit a world noble, then there was the moment when Luffy escaped from Impel Down prison. Not only from Luffy, there are other best moments from side characters such as the first appearance of Whitebeard to Shanks who stopped the war. Everyone who has watched it will still remember the goosebumps.

3. Besides being able to make goosebumps in awe, the audience of “One Piece” is also often presented with various sad moments that stir emotions~

Chopper cries/Credit: YouTube Kavindu Lakith

In addition to having many epic moments, the anime “One Piece” also has a dramatic element that can make the audience cry. One of the advantages of this anime is that the story is very diverse and strong. So we don’t just see the adventures and battles of the pirates. Sad moments that drain emotions always appear. Some of them are the moment when the Going Merry ship was destroyed. There are also moments from Brook and Laboon’s past until the death of Luffy’s brother, Ace. Anyway, there are a lot of sad moments in this anime.

Those are some basic reasons why One Piece enough for us to call it the legendary anime and manga that ever existed. Apart from the 3 reasons above, there are actually many lessons that we can take from each character in the anime. Starting from friendship, romance, family, how to deal with problems, learning to be human no matter how bad we are in the eyes of others, to a series of other things that of course cannot be mentioned in detail. What do you think SoHip? Are you ready to re-watch this Japanese cartoon series? Let’s chase 1000 episodes!

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